Sledgehammer vs Helmet- Do Costly Helmets Really Protect More? – VIDEO

Bike helmets come with varied designs and price tags. However, it is hard to figure out how much protection is offered by which helmet.

Road safety is very important. It is highly advisable to take all precautions to safeguard yourself while stepping out, especially in India. Indian roads are filled with unpredictable factors and rowdy drivers. This makes it even more important to invest in good safety gear and follow the traffic rules. While the safety standards are steadily increasing in Indian cars, bikes still remain quite unsafe. A good motorcycle helmet is a must-have for any kind of bike driving. However, choosing the correct one can be quite confusing.

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While going for a cheap helmet is not a good idea, the market is filled with helmets that look the same but come with different price tags. Since everyone can’t afford big brand helmets, it’s useful to know which helmet protects more. It could make a huge difference in critical situations. Investing in an ISI-marked helmet is a bare minimum. Fortunately, the internet is ready to answer all queries. The Crazy XYZ YouTube channel put various helmets to the ultimate sledgehammer test. It shows how much pressure these can take before breaking.

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Do Costlier Helmets Protect You Better - Sledgehammer Test
Do Costlier Helmets Protect You Better – Sledgehammer Test

Sledgehammer Test To See If Costlier Helmets Protect You Better?

As you can see in the video above, four helmets were put to the sledgehammer test. These seem like the usual options available on the side of the road. While the first two (Rs 200 and Rs 250) are cheap helmets without the ISI mark, the other two (Rs 700 and Rs 800) bear an ISI mark. Do costlier helmets protect more? The quick answer is Yes. As the heavy sledgehammer met the first two helmets they instantly broke into pieces. It is scary how negligible protection to the head they provide. On the other hand, the ISI-marked helmets sustained multiple blows before showing cracks. Your head will be better well-protected in these helmets.

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Finally, we would like to urge our readers to not take road safety lightly. Make sure to spread awareness about safety around you and persuade people to follow the traffic rules and invest in good safety gear. For bike users, a helmet is your only line of defence. Don’t try to save money by buying a cheap helmet.

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