Tata Harrier T-Bones Maruti Baleno – Surprising Results!

Tata Harrier is one of the strongest SUVs around while the last-gen Maruti Baleno has often received flak for not being the safest in the segment

Here is a video where a Tata Harrier and a Maruti Baleno are involved in an unfortunate accident. Harrier is a strong mid-size SUV from Tata and boasts of rugged body and strength. Tata products are known for their tough build and high safety ratings. On the other hand, Maruti has been often criticized for not offering the safest options in the small car segments. The accident in focus here took place when the two vehicles collided with each other in a junction. The results, though, are not exactly what we expected. Here are the details-

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Tata Harrier and Last-gen Maruti Baleno Build Accident

This video has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on his channel where he keeps posting such content to raise awareness around the safety of cars in India. The incident has been reported from Rajasthan. While the official details are not available, it looks like the Tata Harrier was travelling in its lane at relatively high speed and the Baleno tried to take a U-turn. The driver of the Maruti Baleno might not have watched the speeding SUV and the Harrier couldn’t control itself due to high speed and collides at the side of the Baleno. The visuals show the impact of the collision on both vehicles. Luckily, no one was injured, which means both the vehicles performed well with keeping their occupants safe.

Surprisingly, however, the Tata Harrier experiences severe damage to the front left part of its body. The bumper, feeder, body panel, headlights are deeply deformed. What is more surprising is the fact that the impact had seeped through to the tyres and internal parts of the engine bay too. The tyre is seen ripped out of the body and the engine components must’ve seen damage too. This is kind of surprising because mostly, we’ve seen this SUV sustaining only minor damage in collisions with small vehicles. On the other hand, Baleno’s condition isn’t too good either. Because the Harrier hit the side of the Baleno, the entire side profile is damaged. Starting from the right side of the front bumper, side door panels, fender, windows, A and B-pillars, headlights, etc. Both these vehicles have suffered quite a bit despite the difference in their build qualities.

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Harrier Baleno Build Quality

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We urge all the readers to follow all the traffic rules to ensure that you are your loved ones stay safe. Make sure to invest in cars with high safety ratings and variants with extensive safety equipment. Overspeed remains the major cause of accidents on the highways. Hence, drive carefully and within the speed limits.

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