Learner Tata Punch Driver Hits a Scooty Rider in a Fatal Crash

We have seen a number of times that people who don’t know how to drive are often plying on highways compromising the safety of everyone.

In this latest news, a Tata Punch driver, who was learning driving ended up hitting a scooty on the highway in a fatal crash. Unfortunately, it is common in our country that people who don’t have driving licences or don’t know how to drive well are still seen driving on highways. As a result, they don’t have the required expertise or reflexes to deal with the situations on the road. This latest incident is a perfect example of that. Here are all the details.

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Tata Punch and Scooty Crash

This video has been posted by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He frequently posts such videos in order to capture the real-life incidents of popular cars to make car owners aware of the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. As per the information in the video, this horrific accident occurred in Baripada down in Odisha. Reportedly, the driver of the Punch was a learner as suggested by the ‘L’ symbol on the windshield. He/She was driving on a single-lane road. However, due to some reason, the Punch ended up hitting a scooty rider coming from the opposite side.

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It is possible that the Punch was trying to overtake which is why it went into the other lane. Nevertheless, the crash was so horrendous that the scooty rider lost her life on the spot. May her soul rest in peace. This video also mentions that the driver of the Punch fled the scene immediately. The SUV has not suffered much damage but is seen on the side of the road against what looks like a wall. However, the scooty is visibly damaged.

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Obey Traffic Rules

Finally, we could only hope that people start taking traffic rules seriously and follow them vehemently. Overspeeding and breaking the rules are the most common reasons for road accidents. We would like to urge our readers to ensure that everyone around you follows the rules. If you find any miscreants, you must report them to the authorities so that our roads become safer than they are. Do share your thoughts regarding this crash.

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Tata Punch and Scooty Crash
Tata Punch and Scooty Crash

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