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Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai i10 vs Chevrolet Beat vs Honda Brio

Tiago is perhaps one of the most important products from Tata Motors in recent times as it has been tasked with taking the fight to some very popular cars such as the Maruti Celerio, Hyundai i10, etc. Known initially as the Zica, it was later re-named to Tiago following the outbreak of the Zika virus. It was launched in March 2016 and will also spawn a compact sedan derivative, as showcased at the Auto Expo in the form of Kite5. Tata has put in a lot of time and effort into the development and promotion of this product and hence, expectations are high. Read our Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio comparison to find out how well it fares when compared with its rivals.



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Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Comparison of Price


Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Honda Brio Hyundai i10 Chevrolet Beat
XB Rs. 3.20 lakh LXi Rs. 4.03 lakh E Rs. 4.69 lakh Era Rs. 4.35 lakh PS Rs. 4.33 lakh
XE Rs. 3.73 lakh VXi Rs. 4.33 lakh S Rs. 5.20 lakh Magna Rs. 4.59 lakh LS Rs. 4.66 lakh
XM Rs. 4.03 lakh LXi AMT Rs. 4.50 lakh VX Rs. 5.95 lakh Sportz Rs. 4.88 lakh LT Rs. 5.13 lakh
XT Rs. 4.45 lakh ZXi Rs. 4.64 lakh VX AT Rs. 6.82 lakh LTZ Rs. 5.60 lakh
XZ Rs. 4.89 lakh VXi AMT Rs. 4.80 lakh
XZA Rs. 5.39 lakh ZXi (O) Rs. 5.11 lakh
ZXi AMT Rs. 5.11 lakh
ZXi (O) AMT Rs. 5.24 lakh


Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Chevrolet Beat
XB Rs. 3.95 lakh LDi Rs. 4.82 lakh PS Rs. 5.27 lakh
XE Rs. 4.43 lakh VDi Rs. 5.13 lakh LS Rs. 5.62 lakh
XM Rs. 4.83 lakh ZDi Rs. 5.43 lakh LTZ Rs. 6.58 lakh
XT Rs. 5.13 lakh ZDi(O) Rs. 5.90 lakh
XZ Rs. 5.68 lakh

*all prices ex-showroom, New Delhi as of November 2016

As can be seen from the tables above, the introductory prices of the Tiago make the base variants 80,000-1,00,000 cheaper than the competition. However, prices have gone up in recent months reducing the price gap between the Tiago and its competitors. The Honda Brio is the most expensive one here. Even the base Tata Tiago diesel is cheaper than the Petrol Maruti Celerio. Tata’s aggressiveness with the pricing of the Tiago makes it very hard to beat.

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Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Comparison of Specifications

 PETROL Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Honda Brio Hyundai i10 Chevrolet Beat
Displacement 1.2 litre 1.0 litre 1.2 litre 1.1 litre 1.2 litre
Power 84 bhp 67 bhp 87 bhp 68bhp 79bhp
Torque 114 Nm 89 Nm 109 Nm 99Nm 108Nm
Efficiency* 23.84 kmpl 23.1 kmpl 18.5 kmpl(MT)/16.5 kmpl (AT) 19.81kmpl 18.6 kmpl
Transmission 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT 5-speed manual/AMT 5-speed manual/5-speed auto 5-speed manual 5-speed manual

The Tiago is one of the most powerful hatchbacks in its segment. There is still no AMT on offer, which means only the Brio and the Celerio boast automatic transmission options. Tiago petrol has the highest ARAI mileage among these hatchbacks.

DIESEL Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Chevrolet Beat
Displacement 1.05 litre 0.8 litre 1.0  litre
Power 69 bhp 46 bhp 57 bhp
Torque 140 Nm 125 Nm 150 Nm
Efficiency* 27.28 kmpl 27.62 kmpl 25.44 kmpl
Transmission 5-speed manual 5-speed manual 5-speed manual

Two out of the 5 cars in this comparison do not get a diesel engine option. The Tiago is again the most powerful of the lot. No diesel automatic on offer yet. Tata has developed an all new set of diesel and petrol engines for the Tiago. They are the most powerful and the most fuel efficient of the lot.

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio – Design

The design of the Tiago comes across as very fresh and unlike anything we have seen from Tata Motors in recent times. None of the bits on the car seem overly flamboyant and it looks attractive from all angles. The Celerio’s design isn’t very exciting, but it has the sort of design that will please most buyers. The Hyundai i10 and Chevrolet Beat have been around for quite some time now. However, the Beat still remains one of the better-looking hatchbacks out there. Honda recently gave the Brio a facelift adding some freshness to the design. 

The freshness in the design of the Tata Tiago is carried over inside with a very smartly laid out cabin. The dashboard is finished in all black with piano black and body coloured highlights. The Brio’s interior was the most unappealing of the lot, but the recent facelift addresses that issue. The Beat boasts a very funky dashboard and instrument cluster, while the i10 and Celerio get a functional and good quality cabin.

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Comparison – Features

In terms of features, the Hyundai i10 falls a bit short in comparison to its rivals. There aren’t too many significant differences in equipment levels to set the Brio, Beat and Celerio apart. The Tata Tiago comes with all the essential features. All cars except the i10 get airbags and ABS, at least on the top-spec trims.

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio 2016-tata-zica-audio-system-official-images
The Tata Tiago gets an 8-speaker Harman audio system

  Tiago Celerio i10 Beat Brio
Air Conditioner Type Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Power Windows 4 4 4 4 4
Central Locking Yes Yes Yes Yes (No Remote) Yes
Steering Audio Controls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio System 2-DIN 2-DIN 2-DIN 2-DIN 2-DIN
Airbags 2 2 No 2 2
ABS Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Mileage Comparison

Model Name ARAI Certified Mileage
Petrol Diesel
Tata Tiago 23.84 km/l 27.28 km/l
Maruti Celerio 23.1 km/l 27.62 km/l
Hyundai i10 19.81 km/l
Chevrolet Beat 18.6 km/l 25.44 km/l
Honda Brio 18.5 km/l(MT)/16.5 km/l (AT)

According to ARAI tested mileage figures, the Brio is the lest fuel efficient among the petrol models. Maruti Celerio is the most fuel efficient among the three diesel driven hatchbacks.

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Dimensions

Here is a comparison of the dimensions-

  Tata Tiago Maruti Celerio Hyundai i10 Chevrolet Beat Honda Brio
Length 3746 mm 3600 mm 3585 mm 3640 mm 3610 mm
Width 1647 mm 1600 mm 1595 mm 1595 mm 1680 mm
Height 1535 mm 1560 mm 1550 mm 1520 mm 1500 mm
Wheelbase 2400 mm 2425 mm 2380 mm 2375 mm 2345 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm 165 mm 165 mm 175 mm 165 mm
Fuel Tank 35 litres 35 litres 35 litres 35 litres 35 litres
Boot Space 242 litres 235 litres 225 litres 170 litres 175 litres

Tata Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio Comparison – Verdict

The Tata Tiago is the newest and most value for money offering right now. It looks good, has frugal engines and scores high on features. With the current pricing, as an overall package, it is very hard to beat. However, the only chink in its armour is Tata’s after sales service network, which isn’t as strong as Maruti’s or Hyundai’s. Honda Brio is expensive and doesn’t come across as very good value for money. While the Beat is easily one of the best looking hatchbacks here, it will get a thorough update early next year so it makes sense waiting for that.

  • Design: Although looks are a matter of personal taste, we doubt anyone would disagree with us when we say the Tata Tiago is a very good looking car. And being a fresh face in the market is always an advantage. Chevy Beat is still one of the best-looking hatchbacks on sale.
  • Features: Recent Tata products have all been feature laden and the Tiago is no different. It even gets an 8-speaker Harman audio system. The Hyundai i10 falls short in this department. Other products do not give too much to complain about in terms of features.
  • Specifications: With powerful petrol and diesel engine options on offer, the Tata Tiago impresses again. The Hyundai i10 and Honda Brio come with only petrol motors.
  • Price: Aggressive pricing means the Tiago undercuts its rivals by a huge margin. Spending extra on its rivals is a bit hard to justify in the current scenario.

If you have comments or queries regarding our Tiago vs Celerio vs i10 vs Beat vs Brio comparison please feel free to let us know. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more on the 2016 Tata Tiago.