Tesla Model 3 on Auto Pilot Causes High Speed Accident in China

Electric Vehicle (EV) News » Tesla Model 3 on Auto Pilot Causes High Speed Accident in China

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Tesla has been in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. This time around, a Tesla Model 3 allegedly drove itself with passengers inside causing a horrific fatal high-speed accident.

In the latest incident, a Tesla Model 3 was involved in a fatal accident in China. Now, the news of Tesla losing control is not all that new. In fact, in November last year, there was a crash involving Tesla Model Y in China that was captured on a CCTV camera where the driver was pressing the brake but the EV continued to accelerate ending up in a collision. In this latest case, a similar situation occurred although the investigation is still underway to discover the actual reason behind the crash.

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Tesla Accident in China

This video clip has been uploaded by South China Morning Post on YouTube. It shows footage from the CCTV cameras in the city. A speeding Tesla is visible in the video clip. It is travelling at such a high speed that it is momentarily airborne on a bridge. As it travels down the bridge, it narrowly misses a car as the driver is able to steer it away. Other angles of CCTV footage show that the EV is speeding up as it passes the onlookers on the road.

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Finally, the Tesla comes to a standstill after terribly colliding with a bus, a car and a two-wheeler parking on the side of the road. Because the speed was so high, unfortunately, the passenger lost her life on the spot, while the driver sustained major injuries sending him into a coma. As the rescue vehicle takes away the EV, the condition of the Model 3 after the crash is simply horrendous. The entire front section has been completely destroyed by the impact causing damage to enter the cabin and hurting the occupants.

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The investigation is still going on to ascertain the exact reason for the crash. But it will take some time as the investigation report from the last year’s incident is still pending too. But this certainly raises questions regarding the autonomous driving capabilities of Tesla cars in particular and other cars in general. Hence, installing cameras inside the car for safety and recording purposes could be a great idea and make sure to have control of the car at all times and not rely too heavily on the autonomous functions.

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Tesla Model 3 Accident in China
Tesla Model 3 Accident in China

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