Tesla Model S Driven Underwater – Does It Survive?

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In an incredible attempt, a person was spotted taking a Tesla Model S underwater briefly to prove that it has great water-wading capabilities. However, the repair costs afterwards are shocking.

In the latest turn of events, a Tesla Model S Plaid was taken underwater for a short duration of time to test out its water-wading capabilities. Tesla is the biggest EV maker in the world. Its Model S is a popular product in the market that a lot of new carmakers are trying to beat. In the Plaid version, it becomes a beast and has some incredible statistics with regard to acceleration times. But for now, let us take a look at the results of taking the Model S Plaid underwater.

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Tesla Model S Taken Underwater

The video has been shared by Gavin Shoebridge on Twitter. He posts an old video of a YouTuber doing this incredible feat with Tesla. The post reads, “With all New Zealand’s flooding over the last couple of days I had one troll on Facebook (surprise, I know) try to tell me “your electric cars would be screwed in those floods”. Sorry, I don’t see any mods to this Tesla other than sealing up the human compartment…” The video captures the man entering a man-made pool to test out the capabilities of the Tesla.

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The compartment is completely sealed to prevent the interior of the car from getting wet and damaged. As the car enters the pool, one realises just how deep it is. At one point in time, almost the entire EV is inundated in the water and the driver is just trying to accelerate in a straight line with zero visibility. After a few moments, the EV arrives on the other end of the artificial pool. The car is intact and in working condition. However, there are visuals showing water entering into the cabin despite sealing it off.

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Repair Costs

In a subsequent video, the YouTuber explained the damage done to the car. The water had seeped into the front and the rear drive units of the EV that ended up costing a whopping $15,000 to get replaced. Moreover, the vehicle’s GPS navigation system stopped working. Also, the odometer became non-functional. Finally, the workshop officials at Tesla were unable to diagnose all the issues adding to the frustration of the owner. What are your thoughts on this underwater stunt by the Tesla Model S owner?

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Tesla model s underwater
Tesla Model S driven underwater to test its water-wading capacity.

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