Vlogger Takes Force Gurkha to Shinku La Pass at -27 Degrees

Car News » Vlogger Takes Force Gurkha to Shinku La Pass at -27 Degrees

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A famous vlogger showcases the performance of the Force Gurkha at Shinku La pass in Zanskar valley of Ladakh. Situated at a height of around 5,100 m (approx 16,700 ft), it is one of the most dangerous passes to cross during the winter. That is the reason why we must advise our readers to NEVER attempt something like this. The YouTuber is a trained expert who has been in such scenarios multiple times. But you must not try to imitate this come what may.

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Force Gurkha at Shinku La

This vlog has been posted by DCV Expeditions. The host often takes off-roading machines in extreme cold conditions to test their performance. This time around, he decided to stay at the Shinku La while it was snowing. The temperatures were well below -27 degree Celcius and the windchill made it feel like -40 degrees. It goes without saying that such weather conditions are not meant for humans, especially without the assistance of appliances like a heater or fire. Knowing this well, the vlogger came prepared.

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He was carrying butane lighters, a sleeping bag, heavy blankets, appropriate apparel, a heater, a battery, food, covers for the windows, an oxygen cylinder and much more. However, the weather turned extremely cold and the battery started discharging rapidly. To make matters worse, the heater didn’t get turned ON leaving the vlogger cold throughout the night. The butane lighters also didn’t function and the YouTuber couldn’t cook anything. He mentions that the service staff at the Force dealership didn’t cooperate to provide him with enough equipment to undertake this excursion despite his requests.

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Weather Conditions Deteriorate at Night

The visuals clearly show how terrible his condition became during the night. He had to take oxygen shots every couple of hours because the air on the pass was thin making it difficult for him to breathe. As the morning sun appeared, he tried warming up the vehicle to start it. He attempted to get the SUV started during the night and early morning as well. However, it was too cold for that. Finally, he was hoping that the sun could warm everything up so that he could get out of there safe and sound. What are your thoughts on this treacherous expedition?

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Force Gurkha at Shinku La Pass in -27 Degrees
Force Gurkha at Shinku La Pass in -27 Degrees

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