VW Polo Owner Given Rs 22 Lakh Repair Estimate for Car He Bought for Rs 11 Lakh

After being quoted a repair estimate of Rs 22 lakh, the VW Polo owner got another nasty shock when he was charged Rs 41,300 in estimation fee

The recent downpours caused water logging in many parts of the country. Residents of metros like Bangalore suffered for days due to excessive water on the streets. In fact, there was water logging even in the basements of many buildings. Due to this, several cars suffered water damage. However, what’s even more saddening is the way some service centres seem to be trying to make a quick buck out of the misery of such car owners. One Anirudh Ganesh recently shared how he got a repair estimate of Rs 22 lakh for a VW Polo he bought for Rs 11 lakh. 

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VW Polo that was damaged in Bangalore floods along with invoice for the provision of the estimation document.

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VW Polo Owner Charged Rs 41,299 Towards Estimation Fee

Anirudh writes that his VW Polo got damaged in the recent flooding. He sent the car to Apple Auto Whitefield service centre. He tells that he had to push his car onto the towing truck in waist-deep water at 11 pm. But this was just the start of the horror. After 20 days, the service centre gave him a repair estimate of Rs 22 lakh! Acko, his car’s insurer told him that his car will be declared ‘total loss.’ However, the service centre asked him to pay Rs 44,840 to collect his vehicle from them. This fee was required to issue documents about the damage the car has suffered. 

The VW Polo owner says, ‘Rs.44,840’ to make a document for a car which costs only Rs.600,000 now. Wow!’ He contacted VW India through mail but awaits a response. On learning about the charges for documentation, Anirudh asked the service centre to not provide the same. However, he was told – “Because of our estimation document only you will get insurance, without us you will not get anything. If you buy a new car from our showroom, we can waive these charges.” He was then handed over a bill of Rs 44,480 for the provision of estimation document along with the parking charges.

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vw polo water damaged bangalore
Invoice of Rs 44,480 towards provision of estimation document for repair of VW Polo.

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No Written Repair Estimate Provided

Also, the owner of the VW Polo states that he was not provided with any estimation charge invoice. However, he was told about the estimated cost of the repair over the phone.

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