VW Virtus GT Taken Off Road – Will It Survive?

Car News » VW Virtus GT Taken Off Road – Will It Survive?

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VW Virtus is a sporty sedan based on the MQB A0 IN platform that has been designed keeping Indian sensibilities and conditions in mind.

Here is a case where a VW Virtus GT is taken off road to test its capabilities. Now, the VW Virtus is not meant for off-roading adventures. However, it has enough ground clearance of 179 mm that enables it to glide over some regular hurdles one might face in day-to-day scenarios. Also, VW has ensured that the preferences and needs of the Indian customers are met for which they localised and developed this platform specifically for our market. That has lent the sedan some pretty unique capabilities.

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VW Virtus GT Off Road Test

The video has been uploaded by It’s Me Ahlawat on his YouTube channel. In this video, he has travelled to his village. It offers a great environment to test the capabilities of the sedan. The YouTuber mentions that he will not take it on any seriously damaged roads. But there are some rough patches and uneven surfaces on which they will test its prowess. Hence, one could classify it as soft-roading. For the first hurdle, the Virtus is driven over a rough patch of the road in reverse without any issues.

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Then, the VW Virtus GT is taken over a road filled with water under a bridge. It clears the obstacles with ease. Thereafter, the team decided to do a few drifts in a circle with the sedan in a field. The driver turned the traction control OFF and ON to check the differences between how well it performs in such scenarios. Finally, the team decide to take it over a surface which has a huge hump. There, the sedan barely scrapes its underbelly but no damage was done. All these instances prove that one could take it to mild off-road excursions but not too many.

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Sedans Are Not Meant for Off-Roading

We must caution our readers to make sure that they use the vehicles according to their design and utility. Sedans are meant for highway stability and great ride quality. If you want to perform off-roading stunts, you should opt for an SUV. Make sure to never push your vehicle beyond its capabilities as it could cause permanent damage. What are your thoughts on the VW Virtus GT?

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VW Virtus GT Off-Road Test
VW Virtus GT Off-Road Test

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