Here’s Why This Jeep Compass Driver Was Fined Under Section 184(f) of MV Act

  • It is a common practice to hang out of the sunroof of a moving car.
  • But did you know that you could get fined for doing that?
  • Also, poking out of the sunroof jeopardizes the safety of the passenger as well.

In this latest video, a woman is seen sticking her head out of the sunroof of a moving Jeep Compass. The same clip even shows her getting challaned for it. People look for sunroofs in new cars. That is the reason why carmakers have started offering it on most of their cars above a certain segment. Indian car buyers are famously attracted to cars with sunroofs. This could be due to the fact that it offers a certain premium feel that was only available with high-end luxury cars until a few years ago. But you must know that you are not allowed to stick your head out while driving.

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Woman Gets Challaned For Sticking Head Out of Sunroof of Car

The informative video has been shared by Harshit Dwivedi Education on YouTube. It mentions an incident where a woman in Mumbai was seen poking her head out of the sunroof of the Jeep Compass. We know the Mumbai Police is quite active on social media. As per the information in the video, someone recorded the footage of this entire episode on the road. They, then shared it with the Police. The authorities sprung into action and caught the guilty party.

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The image shows the woman getting challaned. There is a dedicated law under the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 184 (f) which states, ” Driving in any manner that falls far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver and where it would be obvious that driving in that manner would be dangerous would be punishable.” In this case, the view of the driver behind the vehicle could get hampered as the head of the passenger blocks the line of vision. Hence, it is not legal to poke the head out of the sunroof.

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Safety Aspect

While the safety of others is jeopardized, it must be understood that it poses a health hazard to the person doing it. As the vehicle is moving, it becomes quite unpredictable when sudden brakes will be needed. As a result, the person could be thrown out of the car if the brakes are hard as there are no safety harnesses to prevent the sudden movement of the passenger. In some cases, the area around the sunroof can cause injuries to the body of the passenger as well. Hence, it is never a good idea to hang out of the sunroof of a moving car.

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Woman Gets Challaned For Sticking Head Out of Sunroof of Car
Woman Gets Challaned For Sticking Head Out of Sunroof of Car

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