Mercedes-Benz B Class Is The Most Aerodynamic Car In The World!


Each of the automobile majors spend millions of dollars on new projects every year and when they get the appraisal in the form of good sales, the hard work is well paid off. Mercedes-Benz is one greatly loved brand and is soon going to launch new products in the next two years. Of these products the Mercedes A Class and Mercedes B Class are the most waited ones.

You would be quite surprised to hear this but the upcoming B-Class hatchback is the world’s most aerodynamically efficient car, claims Mercedes. The car has never been a headline maker but this recent claim has impressed us lot. This obviously is no small thing and it is even said to be more aerodynamic than a Bullet.


image – Mercedes B-Class Hatchback

At present we have a number of hybrid and electric vehiclesthat are way more efficient than conventional gasoline and diesel cars and one of the factors that actually boosts the efficiency of the car is its aerodynamics. A more aerodynamic car faces less air drag which means it faces lesser air resistance and faces lower losses of power due to aerodynamic imperfections. This means the engine needs to struggle less to pull the car especially at higher speeds and this it translates into better fuel economy and more fuel savings.


image – Mercedes B Class Hatchback

At the top secret MIRA automotive research facility the car was tested in the wind tunnel and fluorescent paint was sprayed on it in the presence of high intensity UV light. It was found that the slippery surface of the car was extremely efficient and can save $5000 in fuel billings over 100,000 miles, as compared to its previous generation version.

Mercedes Benz B Class India (2)

image – Mercedes Benz B Class

Well that’s a great news from Mercedes and I hope that it makes its other models more efficient too.


image – Mercedes B Class Hatchback Alloy

Below is a video f Mercedes Benz B Class Undergoing wind-tunnel test for aerodynamics testing:

Source – Wired

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