Would The Audi Q2 Make A Good Buy In India? We Explain

Audi Q2 is the smallest SUV offering from the manufacturer, which is available in the global markets. It is speculated to be launched in India in a year or two.

Unveiled back in 2016, Audi Q2 is the smallest SUV and one of the most affordable Audi in the global market. At the time of the unveiling, the buzz of India launch of the SUV started doing rounds.

However, it has been more than 3 years now since it was unveiled, with no reports of it coming to India. In an interview recently, Rahil Ansari, Head of Audi India, confirm to Overdrive that the plan of Audi Q2 for the Indian market is not closed yet.


It will be placed below the Audi Q3, making the most affordable Audi in India. The entire SUV lineup of Audi is hot-selling in India, so will this make a difference? We explain.

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If coming to India, the SUV could be priced well under 30 Lakhs, approximately around 20-25 Lakhs. Since the Q3 starts from Rs 34.75 Lakhs (ex-showroom), the Q2 is expected to undercut the prices by minium 8-10 Lakhs.

If you get an Audi at this price, wouldn’t you consider one? In this price range, you get Jeep Compass, Mahindra Alturas, Toyota Innova Crysta and Honda CR-V. Yes, these SUVs and MUVs are quite premium, but still, an Audi in 20-25 Lakhs?

Globally, the Q2 is sold with a 1.4 Litre TSI petrol engine and a 1.0 Litre Turbo-petrol engine. Diesel engine options include a 2.0 Litre TDI and a 1.6 Litre TDI. In India, we could get the 1.4 Litre petrol unit and the 2.0 Litre diesel, keeping in mind that the competitors have similar capacity engines.

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It is based on the popular MQB platform, which Volkswagen uses on the Polo, T-Cross and many other models. Reports suggest that Audi could bring the Q2 as a CBU first, to test the waters in India. Later, when the demand kicks in, there will be localization and lower prices as well.

From the premium-end of the market, it won’t face any competition. However, in regards to the pricing, we can put it against Mercedes GLA and BMW X1, along with the smaller Mercedes Benz A-Class and BMW 1-series.