Honda 2 Wheelers India Sells Over 1 Crore Vehicles with Honda Combi Brake System


Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has sold more than 1 crore vehicles with the much publicized Combi Brake System. The Honda Combi Brake system was introduced in India with the Honda Activa in 2009. However, this system has been in use since more than 30 years internationally. The Honda Combi Brake system is a first-in-industry technology. In India, the CBS is being offered on all 9 Honda models- Activa 3G, Activa i, Activa 125, Dio, Aviator, CB Shine, CB Shine SP, CB Unicorn and CB Hornet 160R. honda combi brake system-image

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What is the Honda Combi Brake System?

Combi brake means that the brake will act on front and rear wheel together every time you apply the brakes. This means a lot of improved safety.

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How does the Honda Combi Brake System Enhance Safety?

In two wheelers (scooters and bikes), there are two separate brake controls for front and rear wheels. This is true for almost all two-wheelers that I have ever seen or ridden. Most of two-wheeler riders apply only rear wheel brake, or use only rear brake in most of the cases. However for most effective braking and stopping in small distance safely without loosing control, both front and rear brakes should be used together. Most people fear using front brakes too much because if you press them too hard, the scooter/bike may skid and the rider will fall badly.

honda activa combi brake system

Honda Combi Brake system applies the front-brakes in the correct amount whenever rear brakes are applied. This applies both brakes when you apply only rear one. This means that the scooter rider need not worry about using front brakes, they will be used in correct amount automatically when the rear brakes are used. See the image above, the highlighted green area shows how they have put an extra-cable to brake lever control of Honda-Activa 2009 to make combi-brakes work.

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Honda Combi Brake System Made its debut on the 2009 Honda Activa
Honda Combi Brake System Made its debut on the 2009 Honda Activa

I am really impressed by the Honda Combi Brake system. It should be used in all two-wheelers to improve safety, because effective braking can prevent many road-accidents and injuries. So, what do you have to say about the Honda Activa Combi Brake System? Isn’t this system a real boon for us riders? Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more on the Honda Combi Brake system.

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  1. HI,
    i too agree that combi brake technology is meant for safety but i think that user will face difficulty in making or adjusting the combi brake alignment a difficult part as this may either reduce the effectiveness of technology or may lead to more harmful if front brake is tightened more then rear brake. i am not sure whether any alignment process is available to check the effectiveness of this technology since brakes are of drum type and a prt of wear and tear.

    WHAT SAY??????????

  2. This combi brakes is of no use. No body can judge the correct ratio other than the rider. Honda should better concentrate on safety by providing the disk brakes for both front and rear tyres. We are not a fool HONDA it not a car.

  3. ,hai combi brake technology is meant for safety but i think that user will face difficulty adjusting the combi break,honda servicing technician not no what is the ratio adjusting breaks so i am fall in to the road many time poor breaking system HONDA ACTIVA .I don’t no what i will do ? apply sudden break scooter rear wheel skidding give me reply what i do.model no SCV110B

  4. Honda Activa’s Combi-Brake is the greatest mistake made by Honda so far and I am suffered twice because of unaligned front and rear brakes. A mechanical system will always act same on all situations, Absolutely this is not the case in real scenario for a safe braking the rider himself should decide the percentage of brake to be applied on each wheels. Again there are many factors involved in safe braking, few of them are Speed, angle of tilt, Grip/tread of the tire (Major factor that decides the brake percentage) etc..

    It looks Indian Honda engineers are careless and not foreseeing this kind of design problems that can claim the life of the rider.
    I want Honda motorcycle to do a recall and replace this useless technology with conventional brake.

  5. I fully agree with you all. Stupid Combi braking system is a killer. Many factors play a vital role and CBS is not intelligent to study various factors before acting (unlike ABS). Honda brought the same in Unicorn 160 now and charge a whopping Rs6000 extra to kill you faster and making this a big selling point on safety (reduced braking distance). This is crap.

  6. Which variant of new Honda cb shine is better for riding safety and comfort? Drum or disk or CBS ? Confused very much by different opinions on disk brakes vs drum brakes in bykes.

  7. Currently I’m facing the problem of adjusting my front breaks which are combi featured. Pls let me know how to reduce the breaks coz it’s the burning the hub and the wheel does not rotate properly

  8. I agree that CBS technology that is implemented in Honda 2 wheelers is very bad and dangerous for riders. Reasons being same as that Rahul and Sreejesh have pointed.

  9. It is true that more braking effect is obtained through front brakes.It is also true that Indian riders are habitual of applying rear brakes only in majority of cases.But a word of caution.Front brake should never be applied on turns.How it is controlled in combi braking system is a question.This I am writing with my 44 years of riding experience.

  10. Combi brake is great step by Honda It provides too much sefty as I think in activa. 125 Combi brake prevent me many time from accident. Combi brake means when u apply back wheel brake it automatically also apply to rear wheel which give u time to balance ur self. As I read the previous review I think they should visit the Honda showroom n know the what the right use of Combi brake

  11. What is actual on road difference between CBS and Disc Brake (on front wheel) in indian on road conditions. Does CBS bikes really stops well in advance then Disc Brake Bikes ? If yes then what is stoppage difference in Feets or Mtrs on average ?

  12. how can the combi break system can be detached? Since the indian roads are not straight and to ride on numerous small turnings.