Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire – Comparison


Tata is about to launch the Tigor sedan, which is essentially a compact sedan derivative of the Tiago. The Tigor will replace the Indigo eCS, which became the first compact sedan in India. Now, the Tigor is being promoted as a ‘Styleback’. In essence, however, it’s about to become the first notchback in India’s immensely popular compact sedan market. This also means the Tigor will end up rivaling the very popular Maruti Swift Dzire, which has been the undisputed leader of the compact sedan segment since time immemorial. In comparison, Tata has struggled with the Zest. True, the Tigor is likely to be cheaper than the Dzire. However, comparisons are bound to be drawn with the Dzire. Hence, here’s a detailed comparo of the two. Reasd on for our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire comparison. ALSO SEE- Tata Tigor Test Drive Review

tata tigor vs maruti dzire

The Tigor is sure to attract many with its distinct styling and aggressive pricing. However, the Dzire has a high brand recognition and all the traditional strengths of a Maruti. Also, Maruti will soon launch the new generation Swift Dzire in India. Hence, getting to the top of the sales charts won’t exactly be a cakewalk for the Tigor. But for now, we have compared the current generation Swift Dzire with the Tata Tigor.

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Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Swift Dzire Price Comparison

Tata Tigor Price Maruti Swift Dzire Price
Rs 4.8 Lakh to 6 Lakh Rs 5.4 Lakh to Rs 8.6 Lakh

Well, the Tigor will be significantly cheaper than the Swift Dzire. We can say this by looking at the prices of the Tiago and the Swift. However, there’s certainly a possibility of price overlap between mid-high variants of Tigor and low-end variants of the Swift Dzire. The premium that the Dzire will command is because of slightly more powerful engines and possibly a more spacious cabin due to a longer wheelbase and a wider track. Also, the Swift Dzire has the advantage of Maruti’s vast service network and cheap spares, which is something Tata needs to ensure is taken care of with new products like the Tigor.

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Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Swift Dzire Specifications Comparison

Tata Tigor Maruti Swift Dzire
Engine Type and Displacement 1.2 L Petrol; 1.05 L Diesel 1.2 L Petrol; 1.3 L Diesel
Power 84 BHP; 69 BHP 83 BHP, 74 BHP
Torque 114 Nm, 140 Nm 115 Nm, 190 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual 5-speed manual; AMT
Mileage 22-27 KMPL (estimated) 21-27 KMPL (claimed)

The Tigor shares its engines with the Tiago. This means it comes with a 1.2 L Petrol and a 1.05 L Diesel engine. As can be seen above, spec-to-spec, the Petrol engines of Tigor and Dzire are evenly matched. However, there’s a considerable difference between the Diesel engines. The Swift Dzire gets a more powerful engine that offers a higher torque and power without compromising on the fuel efficiency.

Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Swift Dzire Mileage Comparison 

Tata Tigor Maruti Swift Dzire
Mileage 22 KMPL (Petrol)*

27 KMPL (Diesel)*

20.85 KMPL (Petrol)**

26.59 KMPL (Diesel)**

expected ** claimed

The Tigor should be as fuel efficient as the Tiago. Hence, expect the petrol model of the Tigor to have a higher fuel mileage than that of the Dzire. Currently, the Swift Dzire Petrol returns a claimed Fuel Economy of 20.85 KMPL. In comparison, the Tigor could offer upwards of 22 KMPL. The Diesel engines, however, should be almost evenly matched. This means the claimed fuel mileage of the Tigor Diesel will be almost similar to the Diesel-sipping Dzire’s claimed fuel efficiency of 26.59 KMPL.

Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Swift Dzire Dimensions Comparison

  Tata Tigor (estimated) Maruti Swift Dzire
Length x Width x Height 3992 x 1677 x 1537 mm 3995 x 1695 x 1555 mm
Wheelbase 2450 mm 2430 mm
Kerb Weight 1062-1130 KGs 940-1070 KGs
Wheel Type and Size 14-inch alloys 14-inch alloys
Boot Space 419 Litres 320 Litres

Clearly, the Swift Dzire is a bigger car than the Tigor. The Tigor’s wheelbase is more than that of the Tiago. Surprisingly, however, the Tiago has a much larger boot than the Maruti Swift Dzire.

Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Swift Dzire Features Comparison

Both the cars offer a lot of features and creature comforts in their top-end trims. Here’s a list of features both the cars will come with –

  • Integrated Infotainment System
  • Bluetooth/USB/AUX-in Connectivity
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat
  • Remote Fuel Filler Cap Opening and Tailgate Opening
  • Parking Sensors
  • Multi-function Steering Wheel
  • Dual Front Airbags
  • ABS
  • Electric ORVMs

The Tigor’s audio unit also gets a 5 inch touchscreen display that doubles up as the screen for the reverse parking camera. It also supports navigation via the user’s smartphone.

Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire Comparison – Verdict

The Tigor is more than a Tiago with a bigger boot. The Dzire is nothing but a Swift with a bigger boot. Hence, just like Tiago and Swift, both the Tigor and Dzire won’t be direct rivals. Still, both being compact sedans and also because of price overlap, comparisons are bound to be drawn. Here’s the outcome of our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire comparison post-

  • Price – We’re expecting the Tigor to cost at least a lakh or so rupees lesser. Hence, if you ignore the tech specs for a moment, it gets tough for Swift Dzire to justify a higher price tag by offering only slightly more cabin space.
  • Specifications – True, the Diesel engine of the Swift Dzire, is far more powerful than that of the Tigor. However, the petrol engines match evenly. Moreover, the Tigor is likely to offer slightly higher average fuel mileage.
  • Dimensions – The Swift Dzire is wider and longer. But the Tigor has a for more spacious boot. However, the Swift Dzire will be far more expensive than the Tigor.
  • Features – The two cars are likely to be evenly matched in this aspect. Tigor’s audio unit offers more features than the Dzire’s setup.

What do you think of our Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire comparison? Do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more updates on the Tata Tigor vs Maruti Swift Dzire comparison. Also stay tuned for our review of the new Tata Tigor.

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  1. Tigor will be cheaper than the Dzire so we suggest you wait for it. Also, new generation Dzire will launch in the second half of this year. We feel it makes sense to wait for the new Dzire instead of buying the current model


  2. Sir both cars are new and yet not on road, after coming both cars on road, exact position will revel

  3. While comparing TIGOR with DZIRE features (petrol version ), I could not be sure whether Dzire have also the following features….
    1) ECO/City Mode,
    2) Engine Immobilizer,
    3)Driver Seat Belt reminder,
    4) Cooled Glove compartment,
    5) Corner Stability Control,
    6) Rear Defogger,
    7) Follow me home head light,
    8) ABS with EBD,
    9) Push start/ stop switch.

  4. 1) ECO/City Mode, – NO
    2) Engine Immobilizer, – YES
    3)Driver Seat Belt reminder, _ YES
    4) Cooled Glove compartment, – NO
    5) Corner Stability Control, – No
    6) Rear Defogger, – Yes
    7) Follow me home head light, – No
    8) ABS with EBD, – Yes
    9) Push start/ stop switch. – Yes

  5. Sir, I am waiting for rigor booking but confused between petrol or diesel, my daily use is 35kms max. But I am afraid of Tata reputation in petrol engine ,example even latest Tata Zest petrol

    Please suggest