2010 Toyota Fortuner Modified to 2022 Legender – VIDEO

The aftermarket car modification industry has such players who have the capability and skills to transform any vehicle into any other vehicle.

An aftermarket car modification house from Delhi has achieved something seemingly impossible by converting a 2010 Toyota Fortuner into a 2022 Toyota Fortuner Legender. Legender was the top of the line special edition variant of the Fortuner before Toyota launched the GR-S version which now sits at the top. As one would imagine, it takes some talent to undertake such a massive transformation. The car shop is in Delhi and the customer has travelled from Bihar to get his 2010 model modified into the latest-gen model.

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2010 Toyota Fortuner Converted Into 2022 Legender

On the outside, the front fascia completely resembles the Legender. The quad-LED sleek headlamps, the bumper, fog lamp housing, side fenders, and bonnet have all been designed according to the Legender and no traces of the original model are left. On the sides, the door panels are kept the same but the alloy wheels have been hydro-dipped and painted black with red brake callipers. The black roof and side pillars lend the floating roof effect which is common in modern-day cars. At the rear, there are not many changes save for a customized LED taillamp unit that is found on the newer Fortuners.

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On the inside is where the transformation is even more impressive and luxurious. Passenger comfort has been the focus while designing the interior. To maximize that, the third row has been deleted completely and 2 recliners have been installed in place of the second-row bench seat. The upholstery is premium and brown and being colour combination has been adopted for the cabin. The recliners have retractable thigh support and have a high reclining angle. While the passengers are lying in the comfort of these seats, they can enjoy their favourite web series or movies on the dual 12-inch Android monitors attached to the seats in the front.

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2010 Toyota Fortuner Modified to 2022 Legender
2010 Toyota Fortuner Modified to 2022 Legender

The door panels and dashboard materials have been finished in soft-touch or leatherette. There is full damping on the doors and under the bonnet preventing most of the noise from entering the cabin. A premium audio system has been installed with outstanding quality. They have also equipped the massive SUV with a 360-degree camera which is quite useful in heavy traffic and tight parking scenarios. The main attraction on the inside is the starlight on the roof which looks gorgeous at night. Let us know how did you like this 2022 Toyota Fortuner Legender converted from the 2010 model.

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