3 Gruesome Accidents That Show Maruti Should Send New Baleno to G-NCAP

The arrival of the new Maruti Baleno brought with it the hope of the premium hatchback being much safer and rugged. These incidents suggest that it might be true.

The new Maruti Baleno has not yet undergone the G-NCAP tests but these incidents indicate a higher score for when it does. At the moment, the only premium hatchback that has a full 5-star safety rating in our market is the Tata Altroz. People have been flocking toward it lately for that reason. However, Maruti has worked a fair bit on the Baleno making it around 70 kg heavier than the outgoing model. In this compilation of crashes of the Baleno, the difference due to that weight increase is visible.

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New Maruti Baleno G-NCAP

In this first case, the hatchback was being driven at high speed on the NH30 in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. There were two persons in the car including the driver. Having lost control due to high speed, the car rolled off the highway and toppled over. The car was brand new and there is no number plate on it yet. However, the occupants escaped with minor scratches. The body of the Baleno was able to take the damage quite impressively as all the side pillars and most body parts are intact. This proves that the strength of the outer shell of the Baleno has been enhanced.

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The information shared in this next video also follows a similar pattern. This time, the Baleno has 5 passengers (2 adults and 3 children) when the car rolled over after hitting a divider at high speed. The components of the car are damaged but to everyone’s surprise, none of the occupants sustain any serious injury. Yet again, the body of the vehicle was able to absorb the impact preventing it from entering the cabin. This could be the direct result of the new thick metal sheet used for the body of the new Baleno.

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In this third and final video, a brand new Maruti Baleno was being used by the driver to learn driving. Now, it is not generally a great idea to start learning to drive in a brand new car. But as things got out of control, the driver ended up hitting the boundary wall of his home at around 40 km/h. The visuals show the broken wall but the vehicle has sustained only minor scratches again indicating an improved body strength. Whether or not these factors contribute to the official GNCAP score will only become clear once the Baleno is sent for the crash test. Nevertheless, we are getting positive vibes as per these incidents.

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