Anand Mahindra Gifts Bolero To Man Who Built Jeep From Scrap For Son

The ingenuity of some people deserves accolades. This incident certainly qualifies for it.

Anand Mahindra offered a Bolero to the man who built a vehicle from waste components. Well, it is rightly said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The case in point is this man who built a 4-wheeler vehicle from just useless spare parts that were abandoned. He wanted to make this for his children. This short video clip is going viral for all the right reasons. When the Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra saw it, he praised the efforts of this man and offered him a Bolero in exchange for the vehicle that the man made. Needless to say, Twitter was flooded with praises for the man who made the vehicle and Anand Mahindra who took notice of it and inspires people to follow their instincts.

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Anand Mahindra Offers Bolero To The Man Who Made A Vehicle From Waste Parts

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The video clip shared earlier shows someone is asking the man to show how this vehicle works. It has a pedal start like in two-wheelers. The body is made up of waste materials but contains a compact structure with headlamps and steering. The engine is based on two-wheelers. It can even sit 5-6 passengers. Mahindra replied to this video clip by praising the ingenuity of the man and stressing the importance of building things with limited resources. He went on to tweet that he is willing to offer a Bolero to this man in exchange for this unique vehicle. He wants to put this vehicle in the Mahindra Research Valley to inspire others by this resourcefulness.

The business tycoon Tweeted,”This clearly doesn’t meet with any of the regulations but I will never cease to admire the ingenuity and ‘more with less’ capabilities of our people. And their passion for mobility—not to mention the familiar front grille.”

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Mahindra Bolero gifted to man who built a 'Jeep' replica from scrap for son
Mahindra Bolero gifted to man who built a ‘Jeep’ replica from scrap for son

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Anand Mahindra is quite famous for his candid presence on social media. He stays up to date with the latest happenings around the world. He engages with people all the time which is the reason why he has over 8.6 million followers on Twitter alone. He is also known for being generous and charitable. For instance, he uses the vehicles of his brand for daily use and not some fancy luxury car. He recently gifted a customized Mahindra XUV700 to the Olympics Gold Medalist, Neeraj Chopra with many personalised touches. All these actions inspire a lot of people and he is a perfect example of how the owners of big corporations should be like.

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