Watch Andrew Tate (Top G) Reveal His Multi Million Dollar Car Collection in 26 Seconds

Car News » Watch Andrew Tate (Top G) Reveal His Multi Million Dollar Car Collection in 26 Seconds

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Andrew Tate has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately but we take a look at one of his interviews where he names his 26 cars in 26 seconds.

The car collection of Andrew Tate has 27 cars and he names most of these in this 26-second-long video. He is a controversial personality who has been in the news for alleged human trafficking case and misogynistic comments in recent times. In fact, he has been slapped with bans on many social media platforms for expressing his instigating opinions. With an estimated net worth of a whopping US$700 million, his car garage is filled with some extravagant rides.

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Andrew Tate Car Collection

The video has been uploaded by The Celebrity Cars on YouTube. This channel keeps featuring content around celebrities and their exotic car collections. This time around, there is a snippet from an interview that Tate did some time ago. He is seen talking about his collection which has a whopping 27 cars. One of them is the famed Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport which is a special edition model and there are only a handful of these ever built.

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In addition, he names some of the cars from the top of his head. This includes the likes of the McLaren 765 (x2), Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin Vanquish S, Brabus S63 (Brabus is a modification house that deals with modifying Mercedes cars), the ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge, super agile and fun Porsche (x3), BMW M5 (M is the performance division of BMW), Brabus Mercedes V-Class premium MPVs (x2) and more.

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Tate’s Supercars were Seized

As a part of the investigation, when Tate was recently arrested, the Police seized most of his luxury cars to serve as security in the human trafficking case. It is a standard procedure where the assets of the accused are seized in many cases around the world. We had shared the video of his cars being taken away by the authorities just a few weeks ago. We are keeping track of the investigation and can only hope that it reaches its logical conclusion soon.

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