Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Price, Features And Specs

Sometimes you might want to push your car off-limits and just enjoy the challenges that the bad roads offer you. Firstly, not all SUVs are off-roaders. Some are soft-roaders and others are hardcore off-roaders. So, here we list the best off-road SUVs in India with details of their price, features, specs and more. 

Off-roading is an art. Not everyone can handle such a rough art. For some, it is just a day off to take away all the stress. We just like to drive the SUV through the worst roads with of course the often mud splash. These off-roaders are broadly divided into soft-roaders and hardcore off-roaders. Soft roaders refer to such SUVs who cannot handle much tarmac, mushy lands and the rocky terrains. Whereas, the hardcore ones are purely built for that. However, these days off-roaders are turning into lifestyle cars, just for showpieces. While they are turning their titles, they possess immense power and technique for a perfect off-roading day. The off-roaders in India come from brands such as Mahindra, Force, Jeep, Maruti, Toyota and more. Here, in this article, we give you the best off-road SUVs in India, who talk only mud, dirt, rocky terrain and mushy lands.

Best Off-Roaders In India

Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Maruti Gypsy

Maruti has always delighted the Indian crowd. Gypsy is among one of the most successful cars of India. A Pure off-roader and a no-nonsense car, it is still amongst the hearts of Indians. Currently, the car is mainly used by Indian forces as they still prefer it. It is the cheapest off-roader in India. A lot has changed in the Gypsy since it was first launched in 1985. The older the car, the most costly it gets. Gypsy from the 90s is available starting from Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs, almost nearing its current price. It runs on an MPFI 1.3 Litre engine that produces 80 BHP worth of power and 103 Nm worth of torque.

PriceRs 5.70 Lakhs to Rs 6.39 Lakhs
Engine1.3 Litre MPFI Petrol
Power80 BHP
Torque103 Nm
Gross Weight1585 Kgs
Wheelbase2375 mm
Transmission5-speed MT


  1. Hazard Warning Light
  2. Fibre Reinforced plastic/Removable Hardtop
  3. Distributor Less Engine
  4. Hydraulic Clutch
  5. Vanity mirror on the left sun visor
  6. Multi-Function Levers

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Mahindra Thar

Thar really goes by Mahindra‘s saying and it lives young and free. The worst of the roads or the mushy lands cannot stop Thar from conquering it. Mahindra has a long history in off-roaders with the earlier Commander and MM540 series. Thar comes with a 2WD and 4WD option and a lot more features than the earlier ones. However, lately, it is turning into a lifestyle car, rather than an off-roader. However, you can change the man, but not his heart. The off-roader comes in two engine variants – M2DICR and a CRDe engine. The M2DICR engine is a 2.5 Litre Diesel engine that produces 63 BHP worth of power and 195 Nm worth of torque. The CRDe engine is also a 2.5 Litre diesel engine that produces 105 BHP worth of power and 247 Nm worth of torque.

PriceRs 6.47 Lakhs to Rs 7 LakhsRs 9.24 Lakhs
EngineDI 2.6 LitreCRDe 2.5 Litre
Power63 BHP105 BHP
Torque195 Nm247 Nm
Gross Weight2510 Kgs
Wheelbase2430 mm
Transmission5 Speed Manual


  1. Engine Immobilizer
  2. Air Conditioner
  3. 3 Pod Instrument Cluster
  4. Wider Front Seats
  5. Independent Front Suspension
  6. 2WD/4WD
  7. Mechanical Locking Rear Differential
  8. Auto Locking Hubs
  9. Digital Immobilizer
  10. Removable Canopy
  11. BorgWarner 4WD system

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Force Gurkha Xplorer


Force Motors is mainly known for making tempos, travellers and small trucks. Imagine, a truck maker making an off-roader. Force Gurkha Xplorer looks like a pure mean off-roader. It gets the Snorkel intake which is used for wading high water levels. It comes only in 4WD with 3-door and 5-door options. Gurkha is not much known because the other variant – Gurkha Xpedition – is a transport vehicle used in hilly areas. But, the off-roader possesses huge power and ability as an off-roader. It uses a 2.6-litre CRDe engine that produces relatively lower 85 BHP worth of power and 230 Nm worth of torque.

PriceRs 10.23 Lakhs to Rs 11.90 Lakhs
Engine2.6 Litre
Power85 BHP
Torque230 Nm
Gross Weight2775 Kgs
2400 mm (3-door)/2750 mm (5-door)
Transmission5-Speed MT


  1. Independent front suspension
  2. Snorkel Intake exhaust
  3. 4X4 with differential locking system on both the axles
  4. Hard Top with AC
  5. Steel Bumper for Front and Back
  6. Fog Lamps
  7. 4X2 High, 4X4 High and 4X4 Low locking systems

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

2018 Isuzu D Max V Cross launch

A pickup off-roader. A rarity in India. Isuzu‘s pick up off-roader is known as India’s first Adventure Utility Vehicle. The specs reveal that it offers off-roading with comfort. It comes with a shift-on-fly 4WD with different driving modes. It gets a huge wheelbase, which makes it difficult to believe its off-roading capabilities. Also, it gets some good technology helping its way. It was launched recently and you would not get to see much of them. But if you spot one, just look how big and sporty it is. V-Cross sports a 2.5 Litre Turbo Intercooled engine that produces 132 BHP worth of power and 320 Nm worth of torque.

Rs 14.31 Lakhs to Rs 15.82 Lakhs
Turbo Intercooled 2.5 Litre
Power132 BHp
Torque302 Nm
Gross Weight1905 Kgs
Wheelbase3095 mm
Transmission5-Speed MT


  1. Shift-on-Fly 4WD system
  2. LED DRLs and tail lamps
  3. Projector Headlamps
  4. Multi-Information Display
  5. Air Conditioner
  6. Infotainment with Bluetooth connectivity
  7. Cruise Control
  8. Rear Parking sensors with camera
  9. Keyless entry
  10. Climate Control
  11. Independent front suspension

Safety and off-roading features include:

  1. 6 Airbags
  2. ABS with EBD
  3. Brake Assist
  4. ESP
  5. Traction Control
  6. Engine Immobilizer
  7. Differential Locking

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Tata Hexa

tata hexa downtown urban edition images

After, a long time Tata has forayed into this territory. Hexa is placed over the Safari Storme. It looks like a family car or maybe a soft-roader. But, it gets technology and some techniques, which make it an off-roader too. You can call it a family off-roader. Tata Hexa gets features such as different riding modes, traction control, differential locks, AWD and more. Might not be as able as the Thar or Gurkha, but yes it certainly is more than average. The SUV gives two engine options – Varicor 320 and Varicor 400. The 320 engine produces 145 BHP worth of power and 320 Nm worth of torque. The 400 series produces 150 BHP worth of power and 400 Nm worth of torque. Also, the car offers 5-speed MT, 6-speed MT and 6-Speed Automatic options too.

PriceRs 12.49 LakhsRs 14.11 Lakhs to Rs 17.89 Lakhs
EngineVaricor 320 2.2 LitreVaricor 400 2.2 Litre
Power145 BHP150 BHP
Torque320 Nm400 Nm
Gross Weight2200 Kgs
Wheelbase2850 mm
Transmission5-speed MT, 6-speed MT and 6-speed AT


  1. Keyless Entry
  2. Cruise Control
  3. Rear Parking sensors with Camera
  4. Push start-stop button
  5. Automatic Transmission
  6. LED DRL with LED tail lights
  7. Touch Infotainment system with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity
  8. Driving Modes – Auto, Dynamic, Comfort and Rough Roads
  9. Ambient mood lighting
  10. All-Wheel-Drive
  11. Rain sensing wipers
  12. Sun blinds

Safety features include:

  1. ABS with EBD
  2. Traction Control
  3. ESP
  4. Hill Assist
  5. Brake Assist

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Jeep Compass

jeep compass india images front angle

The baby Jeep is here in India and it somehow lives up to the brand name. Compass easily classifies as a complete off-roader but less able than the Wrangler. Jeep Compass was launched in 2017 and has a good run in the market. It offers a way load of features, which makes the play easier. It surprisingly comes in petrol and diesel, but Automatic Transmission is only offered in petrol variant. The petrol variant sports a 1.4 Litre engine that produces 160 BHP worth of power and 250 Nm worth of torque. The diesel variant sports a 2.0 Multijet engine that produces 170 BHP worth of power and 350 Nm worth of torque.

PriceRs 15.34 Lakhs to Rs 20.50 LakhsRs 16.55 Lakhs to Rs 21.94 Lakhs
Engine1.3 Litre DDCT2.0 Litre Multijet
Power160 BHP250 Nm
Torque170 BHP350 Nm
Gross Weight1631 kgs
Wheelbase2636 mm
Transmission6-speed MT and 7-speed DDCT


  1. LED DRLs with projector headlamps
  2.  Infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  3. Automatic Climate Control
  4. Driving modes – Auto, Snow Sand and Mud
  5. Rear Parking sensors with camera
  6. Push start-stop button
  7. Keyless Entry
  8. Automatic Transmission
  9. 4WD

Safety features include:

  1. Airbags with ABS and EBD
  2. Brake Assist
  3. Hill Assist
  4. ESP
  5. Traction Control

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Isuzu MU-X

Another Isuzu’s off-roader MU-X was recently launched in India. With its tall and endearing looks, it mainly competes with the Ford Endeavour, Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner. The MU-X replaces the ageing MU-7. Powering the Isuzu MU-X will be a 3.0-litre diesel engine. It will churn out a max. power of 177 PS and a peak torque of 380 Nm. Transmission duties will be taken care of by either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic. Four-wheel drive will be offered, at least as an option.

PriceRs 24.83 Lakhs to Rs 26.8 Lakhs
Engine3.0 L Diesel
Power173 BHP
Torque380 Nm
Gross Weight2060 kg
Wheelbase2845 mm
Transmission5-speed manual/5-speed automatic


  1. Automatic climate control
  2. AC vents for all three rows
  3. Passive entry and start system
  4. Electrically adjustable and electric folding ORVMs
  5. 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  6. 8 speaker audio system
  7. Roof-mounted 10 inch DVD monitor
  8. Cruise control
  9. LED DRLs
  10. Projector headlamps
  11. Dual front airbags

Safety features include:

  1. ABS with Airbags and EBD
  2. Terrain Command 4×4
  3. ESP
  4. Traction Control
  5. Hill Assist
  6. Brake Assist

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, which competes with the Toyota Fortuner, enjoys a steady fan following in India. It is expected to receive a facelift this year, with some cosmetic and technology upgrades. As earlier, the SUV still looks muscular and sporty with a good height. Pajero has been an old player in this segment. It is one of the two cars that Mitsubishi manufactures in India. It sports a 2.5 Litre DI Intercooler Turbocharger diesel engine that produces 176 BHP worth of power and 350 Nm worth of torque. This SUV gets 2WD only in Automatic Transmission and a 4WD in the 5-speed Manual Transmission.

PriceRs 28.28 Lakhs to Rs 29.93 Lakhs
2.5 Litre DI Intercooler Turbocharger Diesel
Power176 BHP
Torque400 Nm (MT) / 350 Nm (AT)
Gross Weight2650 Kgs
Wheelbase2800 mm


  1. Automatic climate control
  2. Electrically adjustable and electric folding ORVMs
  3. Touchscreen infotainment system
  4. 8 speaker audio system
  5. Cruise control
  6. LED DRLs
  7. Projector headlamps
  8. Keyless Entry
  9. Reverse parking sensors with camera

Safety Features include:

  1. ABS with EBD
  2. Airbags
  3. Engine Immobilizer
  4. Anti Intrusion Brake pedal

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Toyota Fortuner


The Fortuner is one of Toyota India’s most-sold nameplates. In its latest generation, the Fortuner comes with futuristic looks, modern engines, a long list of features and of course, the typical Toyota reliability. Its Diesel engine is not only bigger in size, but also churns out much higher power and torque. It even offers a petrol engine and a choice of manual and automatic transmissions with 2WD or 4WD. However, since this is a ladder-frame SUV, its off-road capability can more than makeup for its deficiencies in on-road manners for its fans. It runs on a 2.8-litre Diesel engine that outputs a maximum power of 177 PS and a peak torque of 420 Nm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed MT in 4X2 and 4X4 options.

PriceRs 26.69 Lakhs to Rs 28.38 LakhsRs 28.29 Lakhs to Rs 32.48 Lakhs
Engine2.7 Litre Petrol2.8-litre Turbo Diesel
Power163 BHP174.5 BHP
Torque245 Nm450 Nm
Gross Weight2735 Kgs
Wheelbase2745 mm
Transmission6-speed MT, 6-speed AT with 4×4 and 4×2


  1. Sequential shift and paddle shifter
  2. Cruise Control
  3. Tilt and Telescopic Steering
  4. Infotainment system with Navigation and voice recognition
  5. Automatic Climate Control
  6. Rear parking sensors and camera
  7. Bi-Beam LED Projector Headlamps with LED DRL
  8. Dusk Sensing Headlamps
  9. SMART Entry and Push Start/Stop
  10. 2WD and 4WD with MT and AT options

Safety features include:

  1. Vehicle Stability Control with Brake Assist
  2. Hill Assist Control
  3. Downhill Assist Control
  4.  7 Airbags
  6. Pretensioner + Force Limiter
  7.  ABS with EBD
  8. 4WD with a high and low range
  9. Active Traction Control
  10. Electronic Drive Control
  11. Electronically controlled back door with memory and jam protection

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Best Off-Road SUVs In India – Ford Endeavour

BEst off-road SUVs in India

Ford Endeavour is one of the most modern-looking and the suavest SUVs in its segment. Thanks to a really bold and a well-sculpted design, the new Endeavour stands apart from a crowd of SUVs that have started looking dated and a tad boring. The last generation and the current one have a steady pace in the segment. However, this SUV has its own set of followers, mainly due to the last generation’s good performance. Endeavour comes in two engine options – 2.2 Litre and 3.2 Litre Diesel. The 2.2 Litre produces 157.7 BHP worth of power and 385 Nm worth of torque. The latter engine produces 197.2 BHP worth of power and 470 Nm worth of torque.

PriceRs 26.32 Lakhs to Rs 30.27 LakhsRs 32.81 Lakhs
Engine2.2-litre Turbo Diesel3.2-litre Turbo Diesel
Power157.7 BHP197.2 BHP
Torque385 Nm470 Nm
Gross Weight2700 Kgs
Wheelbase2850 mm
Transmission6-speed AT with 4×4 and 4×2

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  1. Front and rear mudflaps
  2. LED DRLs with projector headlamps
  3. Touch Screen infotainment system with Navigation
  4. 8-way adjustable driver seat
  5. Automatic headlamps
  6. Cruise Control
  7. Electric Panoramic Sunroof
  8. Front parking sensors
  9. Rear parking sensors with camera
  10. Rain-Sensing Wipers
  11. Remote keyless entry
  12. Terrain management system

Safety features include:

  1. 7 airbags
  2. ABS with EBD
  3. ESP
  4. Engine Immobilizer
  5. Hill launch and descent assist
  6. Traction Control
  7. Volumetric burglar alarm

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