What Is New In BMW 3 Cylinder Engines?


BMW a while back announced of new 3-cylinder engines for the upcoming beemers in 2012 and this has been confirmed now after it unveiled the pictures of the same. The company has given the world a preview of this new engine and considering the qualities of it, a good response is expected from the customers’ side.

The new 3-cylinders separately contribute 500 CC each, taking the total displacement to 1500 CC. The good things about these engines are reduced costs, reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. It will be a single turbo charged CRDI diesel engine with size exactly half of the 6 cylinder. The catch regarding this very engine is that it would come installed only with front wheel driven beemers.


In all probability the 2012 BMW 3 Series will not get this new high efficiency 3-cylinder inline engine as the fact remains that installing such an engine in it would be challenge concerned with the cost. Another thing is that prospective 3 series buyers will definitely get disappointed with this change and hence it would be undesirable.

But the new engine would come fitted in the new small car which is currently under production and certain versions of Mini.

Below is an animation video released by the BMW for their latest 3 Cylinder engine technology with dual overhead cam shaft technology.

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