Mahindra Bolero Owner Reveals How Mahindra Delivered his SUV Despite Lockdown

The pandemic gave rise to a ton of unprecedented incidents and Mahindra delivering a Bolero to a health worker amidst the lockdown is one such case.

Anand Mahindra ensured that a health worker has his Bolero delivered despite the lockdown. He is quite popular on the internet due to his great gestures and this certainly qualifies as one. A nursing officer, Pawan Choudhary, decided to purchase a Bolero, which was his passion for the longest time. He needed the vehicle desperately during the first lockdown when everything else was shut down including the showrooms and dealerships. Resorting to the last resort of tweeting to Mahindra to intervene, his requests were answered and how.

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Mahindra Bolero Delivered During Lockdown

Anand Mahindra saw that he was in the health sector and was attending to the needs of the country at that point in time. He ensured that the nearest dealership is informed and asked to deliver a single Bolero to Pawan. He narrates this entire set of events to the YouTuber. Within two days, he received his Bolero which is needed to travel around for his job. This is yet another instance of how Anand Mahindra takes care of his customers and intervenes in the daily operations of the company when needed. His accessibility and rational thinking make him a crowd favourite and one of the most followed Indian businessmen on Twitter.

Mahindra Bolero Owner Review

After explaining this, the YouTuber and the owner take the Bolero for a short drive for the review. During the drive, the owner reveals why he loves the Bolero so much and also doesn’t shy away from some of the shortcomings of the vehicle. Firstly, he explains that the biggest reason for buying a Bolero is its tough, rugged and strong build quality. One doesn’t need to worry about the small potholes or speed breakers. That is also the reason why it is the most common vehicle in semi-urban and rural areas of the country. The low maintenance and service costs also add to the overall ownership experience of the SUV. It has all the basic functions that one would ever need from a car.

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Mahindra Bolero Delivered Lockdown

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On the flip side, Bolero is not meant for those owners who are looking for comfort and modern tech features. The body roll, as this owner mentions, is quite significant that would cause the occupants to get rolled around on their seats if the driver decides to negotiate a corner rather briskly. Also, the high-speed stability of the SUV is not that great but then again, it is not meant to be driven at high speeds.

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