Car Washer in Noida Pours Acid on 14 Cars After Being Fired

Car News » Car Washer in Noida Pours Acid on 14 Cars After Being Fired

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It is unbelievable what some people end up doing in a fit of rage to exact revenge on someone they think has wronged them in some way.

A car washer in Noida was caught pouring acid on 14 cars after being fired from his job. We know that people lose their minds when they are going through tough times, especially after losing their livelihood. However, that doesn’t justify them committing intentional damage to other people who they think are responsible for their suffering. That is exactly what transpired here. The entire episode was, fortunately, caught on camera.

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Car Washer Pours Acid on Cars in Noida

The post has been shared by yehlatestnewshai on Instagram. It captures CCTV footage from the parking area of Maxbills White House in Sector 75 of Noida. As per the information available, 32-year-old Ramraj had been working for a lot of car owners in the building since 2016. His job was to clean the cars. However, the residents complained that he was not doing his work well which is when they decided to fire him.

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However, he also cleaned the cars of some other residents in the building which is why he had access to the parking space. To exact his revenge, he bought a bottle of acid with him and started pouring it on 14 cars whose owners had fired him. Fortunately, the entire episode was caught on camera and watched by the security guards. Ramraj tried to flee the scene but was caught by the security personnel and handed over to the police.

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The owners of these cars lodged a police complaint and a non-cognisable report was filed against Ramraj. He told the Police that someone gave him the acid to destroy the cars. But these clearly look like excuses that he is trying to create to justify his actions and save himself from the penalty. We would keep an eye out for the latest development in this bizarre case. But we are certain that the Police investigation will reach its logical conclusion soon.

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