Skoda Rapid Petrol Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol– Which Is Better And Why?

Skoda has took a bold step by aggressively pricing the Skoda Rapid sedan even below the price of its sibling Volkswagen Vento. In our continuation to the Car Comparison series on Car Blog India, we will compare the Skoda Rapid Petrol with popular Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol by Hyundai India which is also known for its features and aggressive pricing in India. Also read – Skoda Rapid Petrol Vs Honda City Petrol and Skoda Rapid Petrol Vs Maruti SX4 Petrol.


image – Hyundai Verna Fluidic (left) and Skoda Rapid (Right)

Skoda Rapid Exteriors Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Exteriors

Skoda Rapid Dimensions:

  • Length = 4386 mm
  • Width = 1699 mm
  • Height = 1466 mm
  • Wheelbase = 2552 mm

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Dimensions

  • Overall Length (mm): 4370
  • Overall Width (mm): 1700
  • Overall Height (mm): 1475
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2570

Skoda Rapid has a relatively simple and elegant styling and it appeals more to the customers who appreciate the beauty of simplistic and high quality fit and finish. Also it looks rugged from very appearance of it. Dimensions of both Rapid and Verna are almost alike and the styling is vastly different.

In terms of exteriors, Hyundai Verna looks very modern and stylish with fluidic aerodynamic lines running all along the car. The visual appeal of the Fluidic Verna is very positive and we find this styling to be much more attractive. In terms of exteriors, I find Verna to be more appealing.

Skoda Rapid Interiors Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors

Skoda Rapid India Interior and Exterior Pictures (31)

image – Skoda Rapid Interiors


image – Skoda Rapid Top View

Rapid has very elegant and simple no-nonsense interiors. It follows the same theme of simple and elegant on the inside as well. The plastic quality is good, seat upholstery is also good. There is sufficient interior space and the cabin looks well lit and premium from inside.

hyundai verna fluidic interiors

image- Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors


image- Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors

Verna Fluidic also provides for very premium cabin feel with its high contrast beige brown colour combination, slight use of chrome, good seat quality and nice dashboard design. In terms of comfort and features and interiors, Verna looks way ahead of Rapid.

Skoda Rapid Petrol Engine Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Engine

Skoda Rapid Petrol Engine Specifications
  • Engine Type- 1.6 Litre 4 Cylinder DOHC Petrol Engine
  • Max Power- 105 BHP @ 5250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 153 Nm @ 3800 RPM
  • Transmission Options – 5 Speed Manual Transmission Or 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Option
  • 1.8 Petrol Engine with manual transmission mileage is 15.8 KMPL
  • Kerb Weight = 1145 Kg (MT) and 1180 Kg (AT)
  • Power to weight ratio of 90.5 BHP / 1000 Kg

Hyundai Verna Petrol Engine Specifications

  • Type
    • 1.4 Litre VTVT MPFI Petrol engine
    • 1.6 Litre VTVT MPFI Petrol engine
  • Max Power & Max Torque
    • 1.4 Litre : 107 BHP @ 6300 RPM and 135 Nm @ 5000 RPM
    • 1.6 Litre : 123 BHP @ 6300 RPM and 156 Nm @ 4200 RPM
  • Transmission: 4 speed Automatic and 5 speed Manual
  • ARAI Certified Mileage
    • 1.4 Litre : 17.43 KMPL
    • 1.6 Litre : 17.01 KMPL

The engines of Verna are high revving VVTI Engines with more modern technologies and produces more peak power than the Rapid Engine. While the Rapid comes with only one 1.6 Litre engine with 105 BHP power and 153 Nm torque at relatively lower RPMs, the Verna offers choice between 2 petrol engines, 1.4 and 1.6 litre engines with peak power greater than that of Rapid but at higher RPMs. The peak torque of Verna kicks in at higher RPM compared to the Rapid. In terms of mileage as well, Verna is ahead. So in terms of engine options, Verna seems to have an edge over Rapid.

Skoda Rapid Petrol Handling and Performance Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Handling and Performance

Handling is one area where Rapid is much ahead than the Verna Fluidic. The suspension of Rapid is more on stiffer side to provide sharper handling and the Verna is tuned for softer suspension which does offer more ride comfort on bad roads, but does not handle to sharp at higher speeds and cornering. In this department, Skoda Rapid is a clear winner.

Skoda Rapid Petrol Price Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Price

Prices of Skoda Rapid ex-showroom Delhi are as follows:

  • Skoda Rapid Active 1.6 MPI Petrol MT is priced at Rs. 6.75 Lakhs
  • Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI Petrol MT is priced at Rs. 7.09 Lakhs
  • Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI Petrol MT is priced at Rs. 7.99 Lakhs
  • Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI Petrol AT is priced at Rs. 8.09 Lakhs
  • Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI Petrol AT is priced at Rs. 8.99 Lakhs

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Prices

  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.4 Petrol is priced at Rs. 6.99 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 Petrol is priced at Rs. 7.69 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX Petrol is priced at Rs. 8.29 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Petrol is priced at Rs. 8.99 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Automatic transmission Petrol is priced at Rs. 9.69 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi

Skoda Rapid Active 1.6 MT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.4 Petrol

In terms of the base variants, the Rapid comes at a cheaper price less than Rs. 24,000 compared to the Verna Fluidic. Rapid offers rear AC vents for better passenger comfort. In this price difference, Verna offers larger 15 inch wheels compared to 14 inch wheels on Rapid, front fog lamps, LED turn indicators on outside rear view mirrors, keyless entry with folding key, electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors, manual transmission shift indicator and Alternator Management system, Integrated 2-Din Audio system with remote control,  with Aux-input, CD and USB playback with 4 speaker system with tweeters. These features are more than worth for Rs. 24,000 that you spend extra on Verna. So in terms of features, Verna base model is much better value, but when it comes to handling and ruggedness of the car, Rapid takes the lead.

Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.4 Petrol

If we compare the mid variant of the Rapid, the Ambition 1.6 manual transmission with the base of Verna 1.4 RB, the Rapid is priced at Rs. 10,000 higher than Verna. In this variant, Rapid adds some chrome on the radiator grille, some chrome on the interiors, better interior upholstery, body coloured outside mirrors and door handles, ABS with Brake assist and Driver side airbag, remote control for keyless entry and boot release, height adjustable driver seat, rear arm rest etc. Among the above features, the ABS and Airbags are major safety  which Verna does not offer, however it offer audio system, larger wheels, turn indicators on outside mirrors etc. If I have to pick one between the two, it’s a tough choice because it’s a choice between safety features and comfort features. If safety matters more to you, its Rapid, if features matter more to you, its Verna.

Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 Petrol

If we compare the top end of Rapid Elegance MT with Verna 1.6 Entry level variant, the Rapid costs more by Rs. 30,000. In this price, Rapid additionally offers 15 inch alloy wheels, more chrome on the interiors,  dual Airbags at front with ABS and EBD, Integrated Audio system with Aux-input and without USB input, 4 speakers, MMC Support, automatic climate control, dual rear AC vents, electrically adjustable outside mirrors (no turn indicators mounted on them), Multi-information display etc. On the other hand, Verna offers only driver side Airbag with ABS and EBD, rear disk brakes, 15 inch steel wheels, impact sensing door unlock, rear defogger, high gloss black and wood grain interiors, more chrome on interiors, parking sensors, Steering mounted audio and phone control via Bluetooth, iPod connectivity cable, automatic climate control, clean air filter etc. In terms of features, Verna 1.6 base variant is much ahead of Rapid except that Verna has one airbag and Rapid has got two. Also the engine performance of the Verna is higher than Rapid. However, Rapid beats Verna in handling at high speeds. If you want your car to be loaded with features, Verna is a much better pick.

Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX Petrol

If we go up by one Variant of Verna, the 1.6 SX MT and compare it with Rapid top end Elegance MT, the Verna costs Rs. 30,000 more. In this variant, Verna additionally offers dual airbags, larger 16 inch alloy wheels, rear view camera, automatic dimming inside rear view mirror, cooled glove box for chilling the drinks on the go etc. which makes ahead of the Rapid in terms of feature in almost all aspects. However the weak point still remains handling for Verna which Rapid is better at. So its for you to decide what is your priority.

Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI AT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX Petrol

If we compare the Rapid mid variant Ambition with automatic transmission with the 1.6 SX, the Verna costs about Rs. 20,000 more. On the one hand Verna comes loaded with lots of features and convinces but it is a manual transmission version which is the big difference between the two. For a small price difference, it’s a close call. In my case, I would prefer the comfort of an Automatic over all the high tech and modern features which Verna 1.6 Manual offers.

Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI AT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Petrol

If we compare the top end of Rapid, Elegance AT with Verna Manual SX(O) option pack, both cars come for same price and come fully loaded with feature. However, Verna is much ahead in terms of appearance, interior and features, it offers side curtain airbags which provide very high level of security during a crash, it offers speed sensing door lock for added safety, chrome on outside door handles, smart key with start stop button, leather upholstery, etc. The Verna surely is ahead in terms of features it provides, but if you want to trade some of these extra features for the comfort of an automatic transmission, then Rapid makes a lot of sense. It depends on your taste whether you prefer a Manual or an automatic transmission.

Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 MPI AT Vs Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) AT Petrol

The automatic transmission option for Verna comes only with the top end SX(O) variant which is the fully loaded variant. Also it’s a 4 speed automatic transmission unlike the 6 speed automatic of the Rapid. Both Rapid and Verna AT offer triptronic for manual shifting of gears if desired. The price difference of Rs. 70,000 between the two cars seem justified with the 6 airbags on the offer, all wheel disk brakes and loads of other premium features which Verna top end automatic SX(O) AT offers. If you prefer a car loaded with features, Verna is a better pick, if you want a simpler looking elegant car with less features for a cheaper price, superiors 6 speed transmission and better handling, Rapid is better.

Car Blog India verdict – Skoda Rapid Petrol Vs Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol

It’s a tough choice to pick between petrol Verna and Petrol Rapid. For Automatic transmission variants, Rapid seems to be a better choice, however for the manual transmission models and lower priced models, Verna offers a better overall package. Its better you first set your budget and then take a test drive of the variant you plan to purchase.

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