Dubai Taxi Driver from Indian Sub-continent Reveals Income Details

There are a number of taxi drivers in Dubai who migrate from the Indian sub-continent in search of jobs with better wages.

In this video, an Indian vlogger talks to a taxi driver in Dubai from hails from the Indian sub-continent about the income details. It is a dream for a whole bunch of people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc to move abroad in search of finding better employment opportunities. The policies of some countries in the Middle East are quite friendly for the immigrants which is why thousands of people move from the sub-continent to look for suitable jobs.

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Dubai Taxi Driver Reveals His Income

The video has been shared by Pankaj Dubai Vlog on YouTube. He talks to the driver who is from Pakistan. The vlogger asks him about how he likes driving cars in Dubai and how is it different from back home. To this, the driver replies that he loves to be a driver in Dubai and the work is good. The salary is decent too. When asked about the process of migrating to Dubai, he shares the information quite vividly. The process is quite straightforward. You need to apply from your home country using your regular documents like an ID card and passport.

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If you get selected, you will receive the visa and are free to travel to UAE (United Arab Emirates). The process of getting a driver’s license in Dubai is also not complicated provided you pass the test. The driver mentions that the total expenses incurred for migrating to Dubai and getting the license are around 25,000 Dirham. This roughly translates to Rs 5.50 lakh INR.

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When asked about the salary that one could expect working as a driver, he mentions that he works on commissions. If the work is decent, he could earn anything between 2,500 to 3,500 Dirham in a month. This comes out to be approximately Rs 55,000 to Rs 77,000 when converted to INR. This is a decent salary by just driving a car which is why so many people opt for this. He also mentions that the work was severely affected during the pandemic but has recovered well and he is doing fine now.

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Dubai Taxi Driver Reveals Income
Dubai Taxi Driver Reveals Income

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