Mercedes-AMG GT-R, the Quickest Car Around BIC, Launched in India!

Mercedes-Benz has finally launched two the AMG GT R, and its topless cousin, the AMG GT Roadster in India. The AMG GT R recently bagged a lot of acclaim for being the quickest production car in India to lap the Buddh International Circuit (BIC). Being hailed as the Fastest Car in India, the Mercedes-AMG GT-R has an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.23 crore. The Roadster has a sticker price of Rs 1.19 crore. For those not aware of the AMG GT R, it is the most hardcore, track-focused version of the Mercedes-AMG GT. Yes, it is more hardcore than even the Mercedes-AMG GT-S. So, here’s all about the fastest car in India on the famed Buddh International Circuit.

fastest car in india mercedes amg gtr

The Mercedes-AMG GT-R went around the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida in a time of 2:09.583 minutes, clocking the quickest lap of the track ever. Piloting the car was Mercedes–AMG driver Christian Hohenadel. This car, which is also known as the Beast Of the Green Hell, eclipsed the time of 2:14.521 minutes set by Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG back in 2013 on the same track. The AMG GT-R is also called the Beast of Green Hell as it has been developed on the Nurburgring racetrack (the Green Hell) in Germany. Its exclusive AMG Green Hello Magno paint signifies that particular bit. The speed test was conducted by FMSCI. With that, let’s talk more about the Mercedes-AMG GT-R.

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Fastest Car in India – Mercedes-AMG GT-R Price

Price₹ 2.23 Crore

The Mercedes-AMG GT-R has gone on sale at an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.23 crore in India. This is because the AMG GT-S retails for Rs 2.05 crore (approx, ex-showroom). Since, the AMG GT-R is more hardcore than the AMG GT-S, it justifies that premium in price by offering more power and new features. Also helping its cause here is the fact that only 2,000 units of the car will head for production.

The Mercedes-AMG GT-R is currently the fastest car Mercedes-Benz makes and will sit above the AMG GT-S. The production of the car limited to just 2,000 units. The car is made almost entirely by hand, which is the reasons for the really high price tag.

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Fastest Car in India – Mercedes-AMG GT-R Top Speed

Top Speed (Claimed)319 KMPH

This car has a claimed top speed of 319 KMPH!

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Fastest Car in India – Mercedes-AMG GT-R Specifications

Engine4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged, petrol V8
Transmission7-speed AMG SpeedShift dual-clutch Automatic

Fastest Car in India - Mercedes-AMG GT-R Badge

In terms of engine and specification, the Mercedes-AMG GT-R packs the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine as the AMG GT-S. However, it has a peak power output of 577BHP and peak power output of 700Nm, up from AMG GT-S’ 503BHP peak power output and 650Nm peak torque output. A 7-speed AMG SpeedShift dual-clutch gearbox is the only gearbox on offer and it sends the power and torque to the rear wheels of the car.

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Mercedes-AMG GT-R Features

  • Rear wheel steering
  • Three-pipe exhaust
  • AMG Green Hell Magno paint
  • Nine-way adjustable traction control
  • Ceramic brake discs (optional)
  • Carbon fibre driveshaft
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Drive modes
  • 19-inch front/20-inch 10 spoke wheels
  • 19-inch front/20-inch rear 5 spoke wheels (optional)
  • Rear spoiler

These are just some of the features Mercedes-AMG GT-R comes with. The fastest car in India boasts of rear wheel steering, a three-pipe exhaust system and an exclusive paint scheme called AMG Green Hell Magno. There are a few features on the list above that are optional equipment for this car. However, the AMG GT-R much more features than just the ones mentioned above.

Mercedes-AMG GT-R Exterior Design Review

Mercedes has not tweaked with the basic design of the AMT GT, when coming up with the GT-R. As a result, with its long, swooping hood and cab-backward design, this car looks like a fast car too. The changes to the car, in comparison to the AMG GT and AMG GT-S are the new front and rear bumpers, a spoiler at the rear, different wheels, different grille and a new paint scheme.

Fastest Car in India - Mercedes-AMG GT-R Action Shot

The new front bumper has a neat scoop near the airdam on either extreme end. The grille has vertical chrome slats with a big Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star badge, giving it a sinister look up front. At the rear, the new bumper has helped Mercedes in using a new three-pipe exhaust system on the car with one one pipe exiting on either side of the bumper and one big pipe sitting in the middle. The rear spoiler is a fixed unit and not an electrically-deployable unit, further driving home this car’s track-focused nature.

Mercedes-AMG GT-R Interior Design Review

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT-R is quite luxurious. With fixed leather seats, the car’s interior is mostly covered in either leather or soft-touch materials, such as the steering wheel (covered with Alcantara). The A/C vents are circular and unlike other cars, there are six-A/c vents on the car’s dashboard. A floating infotainment screen sits atop the centre console.

Fastest Car in India - Mercedes-AMG GT-R Interior

The centre console has a number of buttons on either side that trigger various functions. The centre portion has a rotary selector for the infotainment unit and a gear knob as well. There are carbon fibre bits on certain parts of the dashboard, such as the insert around the HVAC controls. All in all, there are fewer companies that can pull a luxurious interior in a track-focused car the way Mercedes-AMG can.

Fastest Car in India - Mercedes-AMG GT-R Rear

The Mercedes-AMG GT-R is coming to India on August 21. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for the latest news and updates on the fastest car in India and the halo performance car of the German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz.