Ford SYNC AppLink Gets New Apps!

According to a study by Ford India, us Indians spend about 12 hours a week in our cars. And that number is likely to go up in the coming years. With that in mind, Ford India has rolled out five new apps for the Sync AppLink system specifically for the domestic market. These new apps range from music streaming to even finding parking spots nearby! The new apps are available across all Ford products equipped with Sync AppLink including new models like the Figo, Aspire, Endeavour and the Mustang. Read on to know more about the new apps part of the Ford Sync Update for India.

ford sync update for india

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Hungama music streaming app is now available for download. The app lets users stream music online from a library of around 3.5 million tracks in 5 languages. SYNC comes with voice command functions built in to control the app to prevent the driver from getting distracted. The Hungama app for Ford SYNC AppLink will be available by mid-June.

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News aggregating app InShorts has made it to Ford’s SYNC AppLink. This too can be accessed via voice command. Based on the user’s preferences, the news will be read out loud. This will ensure the driver does not have to take his/her eyes off the road at any point. Maps by MapMyIndia for Ford SYNC has been updated. It now includes nearest attractions, fuel filling stations, hotels and other points of interest. To minimise distractions, the app helps navigate to any destination using spoken and textual driving directions, thereby preventing drivers from looking at their smartphone while driving.

AccuWeather, a well-known source of weather forecasts globally, is now available on Ford Sync. As the name suggests, this app tells you the highest and lowest temperatures of the place you’re in or your destination. Perhaps the most interesting of all five apps as part of Ford Sync Update for India is Pparke. The PParke app that enables Ford owners to not just identify the closest parking lot but also provides full address, distance from the current location, number of parking spots available and the price to park.

Ford SYNC 3 Images

Ford SYNC is currently available on the Figo, Aspire and EcoSport. The Endeavour SUV comes with Ford’s latest SYNC 3. It will make its way to the Mustang by the end of 2017. Expect the upcoming Ford EcoSport facelift to feature Ford SYNC 3.

“We are excited to expand Ford’s SYNC AppLink portfolio with new India-specific apps. These new apps are an easier and more convenient way for our customers to integrate their connected lifestyle with their cars,” said Julius Marchwicki, Director Connected Vehicle & Services, Ford Asia Pacific. “Today, there is an increased need for connectivity wherever you are andSYNC AppLink platform gives drivers and occupants more choices to make their driving enjoyable and informative while on the move.”

Do like the new apps available as part of the Ford SYNC update for India? Is there any other app you would like Ford to add? Do let us know via the comments section below.