Former MLA Rams His BMW Into 3 Vehicles, Flees The Scene

Drivers involved in road mishaps fleeing the scene is rather common and this latest incident showcases just that.

The former MLA from Madhya Pradesh, Sunil Jain, was involved in a crash in his BMW. The incident took place in Delhi when he was driving his BMW 7-Series. Reportedly, he rammed his luxury sedan into 3 vehicles during the night and then fled the scene. Police have confirmed that an investigation is going on and they have the former MLA under the radar. Here are the latest details on this incident.

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Former MLA Sunil Jain Crashes His BMW

This news piece was shared on the YouTube channel of Mirror Now. As per the information in this video, the former MLA from Madhya Pradesh was driving the car himself, while the driver was also in the car but didn’t know the Delhi streets that well. Sunil Jain was visiting his daughter who lives in the nearby area of Vivekbihar. The BMW hit a Maruti WagonR which then hit a scooty and Kia Carens. In total, 3 persons were injured in this incident and were taken to the hospital.

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Thankfully, no one sustained grave injuries and all of them were sent home. However, Sunil Jain went missing after the incident and the police have registered a case against him. The damage to the vehicles is seen in the video clip. The BMW has suffered damage at the front and the sides. Its bumper, headlights, fenders, bonnet, etc have been crumpled suggesting that it was a high-speed accident. On the other hand, the damage to the WagonR is quite severe too.

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Former MLA Sunil Jain Rams His BMW Into 3 Vehicles
Former MLA Sunil Jain Rams His BMW Into 3 Vehicles

The rear end and side body of the hatchback suffered massive deformation and the front bumper came off as well. The scooty is seen lying on the ground nearby indicating that these two collided with one another. Finally, the front fascia of the Carens experienced the impact too. The bonnet of the MPV has undergone some damage as a huge dent is seen on it. All in all, every vehicle in this accident was impacted but the only silver lining is that no one was injured. We hope the investigation reaches its logical conclusion soon.

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