Honda Activa User Books Ola S1 Pro, Cancels It- Read Why

Ola electric is having a tough time pleasing the traditional scooter users and this latest example highlights that fact.

In a forum discussion at TeamBHP, a certain Rahul Nagaraj, who is a Honda Activa user cancels his booking of the Ola S1 Pro after test driving it. Having booked the electric scooter earlier, Rahul was waiting to see and experience the electric scooter in flesh. He expresses the ease with which the test dive was booked using the app. The entire process was smooth and the appointment for the test drive was scheduled seamlessly.

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honda activa owner not impressed with Ola S1 Pro
An owner of Honda Activa booked an Ola S1 Pro but later cancelled the booking as he wasn’t impressed with the EV.

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Honda Activa User Cancels Ola S1 Pro

Rahul says the sheer condition of a 1300 km-driven demo electric scooter was pathetic. It looked more beaten down than the scooties from the 2000s. He also mentions that the panel gaps on the electric scooter are large and visible. The EV looks more plasticky in real life, especially in the matte black colour scheme. The side stands and footsteps were lightweight and felt loose. The switchgear buttons feel the extremely low quality and would wear out in a matter of 2-3 years. However, the high-speed stability was great and the boot space and overall geometry are commendable. He is 6 ft+ and had no problems in sitting and riding it. The difference in the suspension of the S1 Pro and his Activa is huge.

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However, the scooter going dead on braking is scary, he feels. He had to drag the bike to the side of the road a couple of times after coming to a complete stop. The brake and accelerator behaviour is quite scary. He believes that the reverse mode is unnecessary and requires unnatural inputs from the rider which one can’t really get used to. Also, too much involvement of the tech features makes it difficult for the people of the older generation to use it effectively.

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All in all, Rahul is happy that he didn’t pay the full payment last year itself when he had the chance. Now, he cancels the booking and says that he would rather use his Activa until dies. This is quite a strong opinion of the Activa user who weighed in the positives and negatives of the Ola S1 Pro quite extensively.

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