Honda Jazz Bookings Halted Because Of High Demand and Supply Constraints


Honda SIEL India has been an elite class car maker for past many years until recently It changed its strategy to harness the golden opportunity of large volumes small car segment sales in India. In August 2011, Honda Introduced a new facelifted variant of Honda Jazz which was surprisingly cheaper than the previous variant as there was a very high degree of localization on this new model.

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image- Honda Jazz 2011 India

Because of this price cut, Honda Jazz has become a very improved value proposition compared to the cars in this price segment with class leading space and refinement. (Also Read : Maruti Swift 2011 Petrol Vs Honda Jazz 2011– Which Is Better And Why? ). This has led to tremendous rise in sales and demand for the Jazz. But as a downside, the present production capacity of Honda SIEL is not able to meet this demand and to add to it, there is a shortage of some key electronic components of Jazz which are imported from Honda Japan. This had led to about 5 to 6 months waiting for the Jazz. Considering this high waiting situation, Honda has stopped accepting any fresh bookings of Honda Jazz as of now until the production capacity is increased and the supply chain bottlenecks are resolved. Honda SIEL is going to start a new shift at its plant to fulfill the high demand of Jazz and Honda Brio which is also creating good demand for Honda.

We hope Honda SIEL will resolve the issue very soon and the booking and delivery of the Jazz will be restored normally. Stay tuned for the latest updates by following our official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter.

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