Watch Hyundai Creta Drift in Snow at DRAS Valley in -20 Degrees

  • Camping at low temperatures in the mountains requires special vehicles.
  • Popular vlogger uses his Force Gurkha to stay inside to use it as a camp.
  • The video also captures a Creta using chains on tyres to drive on snow.

In this video, a vlogger camps at -20 degrees in his Force Gurkha and a Hyundai Creta has been modified to temporarily act as a 4×4 SUV. Gurkha is a popular off-roading SUV that finds a ton of buyers. Its chief rival includes the Mahindra Thar. On the other hand, the Creta is the most popular mid-size SUV in the country. However, it can’t be rated as an off-roading SUV. Nevertheless, a few people are seen driving it in the snow in the video.

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Force Gurkha and Creta ‘4×4’ in Snow

The video has been created by DCV Expeditions on YouTube. The vlogger frequently undertakes challenging excursions in extreme climate conditions in his Force Gurkha. This time around, he is stuck in the Dras sector in Kashmir. It is among the coldest places on earth. The temperatures, as shown by the vlogger are hovering around -20 degrees. Due to a roadblock, the vlogger has to spend the night in his Gurkha in the snow. The temperatures are around -17 degrees at around 5 PM.

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As he is making preparations for the night, he meets a few people who were driving a Hyundai Creta on the snow. The trick is that they have wrapped the tyres of the mid-size SUV with chains. That is what the locals do to convert any car into a 4×4 (sort of). The chains prevent the tyres from skidding ensuring high traction regardless of how thick the snow is. The driver of the Creta is seen performing drifts in the snow and the chains prevent the SUV from skidding and getting uncontrolled.

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Finally, the vlogger has all the equipment necessary to survive in extreme weather. He has installed things like a gas stove, grille, heater, battery, sleeping back, blanket, torch, eatables, etc. in his Gurkha to survive for days on end. That is what saves him despite it being so cold outside. He mentions that he had a nice sleep due to the blanket, sleeping bag and heater. The next day, the Gurkha starts without any fuss. This hints at just how capable the off-roader is.

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Hyundai Creta 4x4 Driven in Snow
Hyundai Creta 4×4 Driven in Snow

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