Watch Jeep Compass and Other Cars Being Washed Away by Flood Caused by Hurricane Ian – VIDEO

Car News » Watch Jeep Compass and Other Cars Being Washed Away by Flood Caused by Hurricane Ian – VIDEO

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Hurricane Ian has wreaked havoc on the American city of Florida and these visuals highlight just how grim the situation is.

In this video, the sheer intensity of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian is highlighted as we see a couple of Jeep Compass and other SUVs being washed away. We had previously reported how gruesome the aftermath of this hurricane is. The entire city has undergone tremendous devastation. The visuals appearing on the news channels are shocking as millions are displaced from their homes. We can only hope that the situation gets better before there are any more damages.

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Jeep Compass Washed Away by Hurricane Ian

The video clip has been shared as YouTube Shorts. In the video people or heard shouting as they witness the wrath of nature right in front of their eyes. It looks like the cars are being washed away out of the showrooms. The most prominent one of these is a Jeep Compass which is seen floating on the muddy water. In fact, these cars are seen hitting each other as they flow out of control. The people making the video are clearly distressed and afraid. This is just one instance showcasing the actual condition of what is going on there.

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It has been a few days since the city is inundated in water but thankfully the wind speeds have reduced. Initially, the Hurricane Ian was classified as Category 5 but it was later reported to be Category 1 after the initial destruction. The wind speeds were reported to be around 150 mph under Category 5 which then reduced to 90 mph as Category 1. The carnage left in the video indicates the loss of property, land, personal belongings and life.

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Let us pray and hope that the situation gets better very soon. The authorities are already active and rescue operations are underway. As soon as the water starts receding the rescue operations will be in full swing and people will start moving back to their homes. The correct assessment of the damage left in the wake of this terrible Hurricane will only be ascertained then. What are your thoughts on this devastating natural calamity?

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Jeep Compass and other cars in Hurricane Ian
Jeep Compass and other cars in Hurricane Ian

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