Mahindra G101 Scooter Named ‘Gusto’, Launch Soon

Mahindra 2 Wheelers wants a bigger share of the 2-wheeler market and one of the best ways to grow is to launch a prodcut in the 110cc-scooter segment. The 110cc segment is dominated by Honda with Activa and has helped the company grow into one of the biggest in terms of sales in the whole 2-wheeler segment. A Mahindra 110cc scooter has been spotted testing. Code-named the G101 internally, the scooter has been caught testing and is expected to be launched sometime in 2014.

Updated on 24th September 2014

Mahindra has unveiled the name of the new 110cc scooter which will be launched on 29th September 2014. It has been named the Mahindra Gusto. Gusto means doing something with interest /excitement.

Read more about the scooter here.

Updated on 1st September 2014

The Mahindra Zesto has been spied without any camouflage again, this time while its TVC was being shot in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This points to the fact that the 110-cc scooter could be launched in a couple of months. Reports suggest that the Zesto will be available in three paint options: Red, White and Black. The scooter has been designed to attract universal appeal and is a bit conservative.

Updated on on 21st August 2014

New spy shots of the upcoming Mahindra 110cc scooter have been revealed. There are also rumours about the what the product could be named, it could be called the Mahindra ‘Zesto’. It makes a bit of sense as Mahindra has the tendency to add an ‘O’ to the end of the name of their two-wheelers. You have seen the front of the scooter in earlier spy shots. Check out the instrument cluster (which is all-analogue) and the huge tail-lamp cluster.

Updated on 8th August 2014

An camouflaged unit fo the Mahindra 110cc Scooter has been spied. Though not very clear, you can see a bit of the front of the scooter, enough to tell us that it shared parts with existing Mahindra products. Check out the image below and let us know your thoughts:


Updated on 25th July 2014

According to a report in the Economic Times, the Mahindra 110cc scooter codenamed the G101 may be launched sometime in August 2014.

Stay tuned for more details.

Updated on 27th June 2014

The 110cc scooter from Mahindra has shed some more camouflage, this time clearly showing off it’s front and rear design. The reduction in camouflage also points to the looming launch of the scooter in India. Check out the spy shots below:


Updated on 4th June 2014

The 110cc scooter from Mahindra has been spied testing again, this time giving us a sneak peak of the front apron and properly showing the instrument cluster.

The front apron sports the indicators and faux-air intakes. The instrument cluster seems to be a analogue unit, the speedo and fuel-indicator are analogue whereas a quadrilateral display houses the tell-tale indicators for the headlight, side-indicators and such.

Check out the spy shots below:

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Updated on 8th April 2014

The upcoming Mahindra 110cc scooter has been spied testing again, and this time it looks like the scooter is in its final stages of testing. Though not clearly visible in the spy shots, the source confirms that the styling on the scooter is pretty conservative to attract a wider set of customers. The front gets a handlebar mounted clear-headlamp and vertical indicators on the apron. You can also notice telescopic front suspension, which should make the scooter a good handler. The rear grab-bar for the pillion is also very conservative in design. Wheels on the test mule were steel ones. Check out the images below:

Updated on 28th December 2013

The Mahindra 110cc scooter has been spied with unique body-parts for the first time since the company began testing the scooter earlier this year. This could indicate that the scooter is on its way for a launch soon and may hit production lines by the first quarter of 2014. The scooter could be the same one used on the Pantero or Centuro bikes from Mahindra’s stable, on the bikes the engine puts out a maximum power of 8 BHP and a maximum torque of 8.5 NM. Check out the spy shots below:

Updated on 2nd September 2013

The Mahindra 110cc scooter has been spied again, these photos also show that the company is still using body panels from its existing lineup of scooters like the Duro to cover up the mule. The exhaust is shaped differently than the other scooters in the manufacturer’s stable. It remains to be seen how well the scooter will fare against the Honda Activa, we will have to wait and see.

Updated on 31st May 2013

The following spy shot was first uploaded by This shows the scooter in the primary stages of its development, using body parts of various other scooters from the company’s stable. Check out the photo below:

Mahindra 110cc Scooter Spy Shot Rear Right Quarter