Mahindra to Soon Launch BSA Motorcycles – Confirmed!

At the launch of Jawa, Classic Legends hinted about the launch of BSA motorcycles in India. BSA was known for higher engine capacity motorcycles, including 500, 650 and 750cc engines. 

15th November was a very exciting day for bike enthusiasts. The legendary Jawa was relaunched in India. With the launch, the news of Yezdi relaunching soon also came pouring in. Another important news that we got is that BSA Motorcycles might also be launched here.

BSA Motorcycles

As of now, there are no further details. But if it launches in India, it will squarely up against Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

We strongly believe that BSA Motorcycles might use a powerful 650cc engine for the competition.

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Design wise, it will maintain the retro look to the fullest, in this new BSA. The exhaust note might be different and there would be hints of modern touches.

In a tweet by Anand Mahindra, M.D. CEO of Mahindra and Mahindra Group exclaims the revival of the brand by publishing an old advertisement featuring a Santa who dropped its reindeers and chose to ride a BSA motorcycle instead.

In the tweet, Anand Mahindra states “We’re sorry you’ve missed out on your favourite ride for all these years, Santa…We’re working on getting it back for you…A shiny new one, but with all the character of your old steed…”.

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BSA Motorcycles – Mahindra Acquisition

Evident by the tweet, the BSA motorcycles are indeed coming back and if reports are to be believed, they might start rolling out next year itself.

Shedding light on the acquisition of BSA by Mahindra Group subsidiary Class Legends Pvt. Ltd. wherein the company bought 100% of the 1.2 lakh shares of BSA cycles in 34 lakh pounds a.k.a. INR 28 crore.

The acquisition was done was done back in October 2016 and the research and development of its products started immediately. The terms of the acquisition include the license to marketing, selling and distributing BSA motorcycles globally.

Mahindra is looking to expand into premium and niche markets with recent acquisitions – BSA company and Jawa Moto. Jawa is a well-known brand amongst bike enthusiasts and is famous for the heritage and never ageing design. Mahindra aims at retaining the ‘character’ of these bikes while modernising the mechanicals to make them more reliable and efficient.

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BSA Motorcycles Launch Date

The exact launch date remains a mystery. But there are chances, Classic Legends might also the motorcycles by 2020. In the latest report, it states that 2019 is the year for recently launched Jawa Motorcycles.

BSA Motorcycles Price

Since we believe that it will come in competition with Royal Enfield 650 Twins, a similar pricing range is expected. We expect it to cost around Rs 2.5 Lakhs or so.

BSA Motorcycles Engine

The original BSA motorcycles came in many engine capacities but were known for its bigger capacity bikes. Out of which, the engines came 500cc, 650cc and 750cc capacities. So, that’s why we speculate 650cc BSA bike to launch.

BSA Motorcycles Competition

As told earlier, it will squarely aim against RE 650 Twins. In that range, a similarly designed bike cannot be found, that’s why they might go with the Twins.

Stay tuned to read more about upcoming BSA Motorcycles.

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