Hyundai i20 Driver Tries to Stand on Roof of His Moving Car, Regrets!

People are getting too careless about road safety in order to please their social media followers.

To grab social media attention, youngsters are willing to go to extreme lengths as seen in the video where a man climbs on top of his moving Hyundai i20. We have seen many instances of people misusing their XUV700 SUVs that come with the ADAS function. It allows the driver to take his/her hand momentarily off the steering wheel on a properly marked road. However, people have taken it as an excuse to perform stunts for social media by sitting or standing on top of the moving car.

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Man Climbs Atop Hyundai i20

The incident has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He regularly posts such content in order to raise awareness among car buyers regarding the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. This time around, the video captures a youngster in his i20 doing idiotic stunts and regretting moments later. According to the information in the video, this stunt was performed somewhere in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The visuals show a man getting out of a moving i20 and climbing on top of the roof.

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A few moments later, he is standing on the roof and posing for the camera. It is evident that he is making reels for his social media. However, just then, one of his colleagues tries to enter the car through the driver’s side to stop the car. But the car was locked from the inside. Realising that a collision is imminent, the man tries to jump off the roof and people stay back. The final part of the video shows the premium hatchback landing on the side of the road while people are pushing it back on the road.

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Road Safety

This is a perfect case to study the consequences of such moronic stunts on the roads. We have to understand that our roads are already considered very dangerous resulting in thousands of accidents every year. Such idiots jeopardize their safety and the safety and well-being of others. We urge you to report such miscreants to the authorities so that they face the appropriate punishment and do not repeat such mindless acts. Do share your thoughts on the same.

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Hyundai i20 driver roof
Hyundai i20 driver tries to stand on the roof as his car moves.

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