GST IMPACT – Maruti Ciaz SHVS Diesel Gets Dearer; Petrol Marginally Cheaper

Regulars here would know that we have been actively tracking the impact of GST on prices of various cars in India. The Goods and Service Tax (GST) helps the Government to have a constant tax structure across the nation. As has been in news, the effect of GST on car prices in India has been favorable to new car buyers. Most of the cars have got cheaper by at least some extent. However, there’s one really popular car that has instead got costlier due to GST. Yes, we are talking about the Maruti Ciaz. The effect of GST has been such that the price of top-end Ciaz Diesel has increased by upto ₹ 1,87,000 at some places.  Let’s have a look at Maruti Ciaz price after GST. maruti ciaz price after gst

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To be specific, it’s only the Diesel model of the Ciaz that has got costlier due to GST. However, let’s not forget that a huge chunk of sales for the Ciaz come from its Diesel variants. It may be noted here that the Diesel-powered Ciaz comes with SHVS mild hybrid tech. This enabled the Ciaz D to benefit from the FAME scheme in pre-GST era. However, thanks to hybrid cars coming under 43% tax slab, which is up by 13% earlier. This has resulted into the Ciaz Diesel getting pricier in the post-GST time. Maruti Ciaz price after GST is in fact marginally lower if you take into account only Petrol models.

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Maruti Ciaz Price After GST

Maruti Ciaz ModelPrice Before GSTPrice After GSTDifference
Sigma Petrol, Manual₹ 7.73 Lakh₹ 7.66 Lakh₹ 7,000 (-)
Delta Petrol, Manual₹ 8.14 Lakh₹ 8.10 Lakh₹ 4,000 (-)
Delta Petrol, Automatic₹ 9.31 Lakh₹ 9.23 Lakh₹ 8,000 (-)
Zeta Petrol, Manual₹ 8.80 Lakh₹ 8.73 Lakh₹ 7,000 (-)
Zeta Petrol, Automatic₹ 9.96 Lakh₹ 9.87 Lakh₹ 9,000 (-)
Alpha Petrol, Manual₹ 9.36 Lakh₹ 9.28 Lakh₹ 8,000 (-)
Alpha Petrol, Automatic₹ 10.52 Lakh₹ 10.42 Lakh₹ 10,000 (-)
Sigma Diesel, Manual₹ 7.89 Lakh₹ 9.43 Lakh₹ 1.54 Lakh (+)
Delta Diesel, Manual₹ 8.30 Lakh₹ 9.94 Lakh₹ 1.64 Lakh (+)
Zeta Diesel, Manual₹ 8.96 Lakh₹ 10.72 Lakh₹ 1.76 Lakh (+)
Alpha Diesel, Manual₹ 9.57 Lakh₹ 11.44 Lakh₹ 1.87 Lakh (+)

(All Prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi)

As can be seen above, the maximum change in Maruti Ciaz price after GST is of an increment of ₹ 1.87 lakh. The increase in prices of the Diesel Ciaz models is due to hybrids falling under highest tax slab of 43% under GST. This has resulted into a 13.3% increase in tax. Also, the Ciaz no longer enjoys benefits under the FAME scheme. So, basically, the very reason for the huge price advantage the Ciaz enjoyed over all its rivals has proved to be detrimental after GST implementation. So, while the petrol Ciaz has got marginally cheaper after the GST roll-out, there is a substantial increase in Maruti Ciaz price after GST implementation if you look at the Diesel models.

2017 maruti suzuki ciaz nexa blue front angle

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Maruti Ciaz Specifications

Wheel Type and Size16-inch alloys16-inch alloys
Boot Space510 L510 L
Engine Type/ Displacement1.4 L Petrol1.3 L Diesel
Power91 bhp89 bhp
Torque130 Nm200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)5-speed manual/4-speed Automatic5-speed Manual

As can be seen, the Ciaz is available in both Petrol and Diesel models. While the Ciaz Petrol can be bought with either a 5-speed Manual or a 4-speed Automatic Transmission, the Ciaz Diesel is available with a 5-speed Manual transmission only.

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Maruti Ciaz Mileage

Mileage (claimed)20.73 KMPL (MT)/19.12 KMPL (AT)28.09 KMPL

2017 maruti suzuki ciaz nexa blue rear angle

Maruti Ciaz Competition

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