Maruti Swift 2011 Mileage, Petrol 20 KMPL, Diesel 23.8 KMPL


Maruti Suzuki will be soon launching the Maruti Swift 2011 new model in India with a number of improvements. Apart from being taller and more spacious, the new Maruti Swift will be more fuel efficient as well. The new Swift will feature improved engine and better tuning to deliver more power as well as fuel economy. In a country where people make their car buying decision on running cost of which fuel efficiency is a big factor, Maruti knows how to tune its engine for a better fuel economy. The Swift petrol will be powered by a 1.2 Litre dual VVTI MPFI engine with max power of about 90BHP and fuel efficiency of 20 KMPL.



The Diesel Swift 2011 will powered by a 1.3 Litre Multijet Diesel engine with some improvements in terms of tuning etc.. The new DDiS engine will deliver an impressive fuel economy ratings of about 23.8 KMPL which will be highest in the segment. With higher fuel economy and better features new Swift 2011 may prove to be a hot seller from Maruti in coming months.

source- ICB

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  1. Rohit, sorry to ask you this here. I know you wrote an article on whether to buy automatic or manual earlier in 2010.

    I have never driven manual and have driven automatic cars only, abroad. Ina city like Bangalore or Chennai where traffic is horrendous, I prefer automatic from ease point of view.

    1. What are the models you advise(on ease, interir space, mileage) within 6.5 lakhs? Does Nissan Micra offer an automatic n that range?

    2. The concerns of less mileage and more maintenance costs in automatic- have they been addressed somewhat in the past 2 years by car makers? Also, Have you heard firsthand accounts from automatic car owners as to whether these concerns are genuine or are slightly exaggerated?

    3. Are automatc cars bigger than their manual counterparts(i.e say, an I10 automatic is bigger than I10 manual?) ? If so, parking and manuevarability might be a problem in congested spaces.

    Please answer above and update your thoughts overall on choice of automatic and which of recently introduced models have impressed you.
    Links to any other articles will also be appreciated

  2. @Vijay

    1. I would recommend i10 Automatic, it falls in your budget, sleek from outside, spacious from inside, comfortable for 4 adults
    2. There is no hassle of maintenance.
    3. Automatic cars are not different in size from outside, the driving feel is almost same, just a small difference being gear shift which is automatic.

    Rohit, for more queries, please ask at


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