Never Ever Use These Lube, Oil, Spray & Grease To Clean Disc Brake Rotor Plate Of Bike

The right maintenance tips for your bike or scooter could be the difference at the end of several years of ownership between a usable bike or a bike that will be needed to be replaced.

This article is aimed to bust the myths related to the use of lubes, oil, sprays or grease in order to clean the brake disc rotor of a bike or a scooter. There are many people who suggest many different tips for bike maintenance. There are local mechanics also that come up with cheap tricks to service the bike. However, it must be understood that money should not be the only deciding factor when you take your bike or scooter to a service centre. You have to take into account the long-term consequences of those actions.

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Don’t Use Oil, Lube or Grease To Clean Disc Brake Rotor of Your Bike

The man in the YouTube video hands out some useful tips to ensure proper maintenance and service of your bike. There are a ton of misconceptions and myths about servicing. This video is aimed at clearing all those doubts. He mentions that a lot of people suggest using lube, oil, spray or grease to clean up the disc brake rotor in a bike or scooter. However, it is not the best solution. He tried using it himself and the results were shocking. The clean up was normal but the aftereffects were quite dangerous. While riding, he noticed that the braking efficiency and effectiveness was reduced drastically.

The bike was slipping strongly while riding because of the lubricant. Now, this, as one would imagine, is quite dangerous. Similar results could be expected while using the aforementioned products. The YouTuber suggests using a simple washing detergent or a shampoo that is used to clean up the bike or a car. Once the washing is complete, simply using the rotor discs with a dry cloth is enough. You don’t need to use any special chemical. Just normal detergent and water are capable of removing dust, rust, mud, or any other particles. Also, you have to make sure that the bike doesn’t remain parked in rain for months and months. That could cause the metal to get eroded.

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Oil Bike Disc Brake

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If there are such situations where you don’t need the bike for months, you could go out for a short ride at least once a week. That will prevent any sort of rusting or particle accumulation on the brake disc rotor.

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