What Happens on Installing 500cc Clutch Plates on 350cc RE Bullet?

Bike modifications have gone to a whole new level as highlighted in this video where the Royal Enfield Classic 350 owner installs 500cc clutch plates on his 350cc bike.

Ever wondered what happens if you install clutch plates from a 500cc bike to a 350cc bike? Well, let us find out. Skilled aftermarket bike modifiers are able to achieve some tremendous feats. This is one such instance where the clutch plates of the bikes have been modified to enhance the performance of the Classic 350. The Bullet is already a popular bike and with such alterations, it could be made even more unique. Here are the details of this transformation in the words of the owner himself.

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500cc Clutch Plates On A 350cc Bike

The bike owner begins by informing that he has performed this modification to his own bike which he has driven for 6 years. At the end of 6 years, the clutch plates were needed to be changed since he was experiencing some power drop, especially during highways rides or driving in the mountainous terrains. He took time out to research for any performance-oriented clutch plate but couldn’t find one. That is when the idea struck his mind of trying to install the clutch plates of a 500cc bike on his Classic 350. He took the bike to an experienced mechanic and performed the process. Now, there had to be some modifications made to adjust 6 clutch plates and 7 pressure plates in place of 5 clutch plates and 6 pressure plates. But they were able to do it.

Modification Effects

After the new clutch plate assembly was installed into the bike, the owner drove for about 500 km. Initially, he faced some hiccups from shifting the gears from neutral to 1st and 2nd. All the other gears were smooth. However, after regular use, that problem was gone as well and the overall bike operation became smooth. On the positive front, the bike has become smooth and there is a significant reduction in vibration levels of the motorcycle. More importantly, the power delivery has become instant as demonstrated by the YouTuber in the video.

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royal enfield bullet 350 with 500cc clutch plates
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with 500cc clutch plates

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The YouTuber tells the viewers that if you decide to perform such modifications to your bike you must do thorough research and go to only a seasoned mechanic to ensure that there are no negative effects of such modifications.

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