New Bugatti To Be Launched in 2016

The wait for the next version of the fastest production supercar will soon be over. Automotive website and part of BBC, Top Gear, has received official confirmation from Volkswagen’s design head, Walter de Silva that the new Bugatti will roll off the production either in late 2015 or early 2016. The current Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Coupe) and Grand Sport (Roadster) are powered by an 8-litre W-16 quad-turbocharged engine that produces 1,200 horsepower. Power is mated to the wheels via a 7-speed DSG sequential transmission. De Silva added that, “whatever this new car is, it will have to ‘redefine the benchmarks”.

But rumors are that the new Bugatti might be a plug-in hybrid. What’s interesting is that despite the hybrid badge, the Veyron successor is likely to produce 1,500 horsepower from the 16-cylinder engine which is way beyond the 1,200 horsepower of the current model. The Veyron successor is also likely to surpass the current car’s top speed of 431 KMPH as well as the 434 KMPH rating of the Hennessey Venom GT.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess Front

Providing more substance to this rumor De Silva wouldn’t confirm exactly what form this new car would take, but did concede that it “won’t be a Veyron replacement, it’ll be more than that. We’re investigating all avenues at the moment”. De Silva remained confident, however, it will be something incredible. “For me, Bugatti is not a car,” de Silva said, “it is a piece of art. You have to understand this. You are in another range when you talk about Bugatti. No, forget that, you play in another league with Bugatti. When you buy a Bugatti, you buy a piece of art. It’s a story, and I would like to transfer the Bugatti idea in this way.”

All we can say at this moment is that the Veyron successor will be an engineering marvel, raising the bar at all levels car and will be made in limited numbers. We will keep you posted on this with further updates, until then do let us know what you think of the Supercar!