New Maruti Alto K10 Build Quality Tested by Knocking & Banging

The new Maruti Alto K10 is a compact hatchback that has received an update in its latest iteration on the outside, as well as in the cabin.

The build quality of the new Maruti Alto K10 has been checked in this video by a YouTuber. He uses the simple method of knocking and banging on various parts of the Alto. Maruti is still betting big on the small cars despite the general market trend leaning toward SUVs in almost every segment. However, Maruti has made significant changes to this new Alto to make it look like it belongs to this age. But how well does it fare on this unofficial build quality test, let us find out?

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Maruti Alto K10 Build Quality ‘Test’

The YouTuber visits a Maruti dealership where the red Alto K10 is parked. He starts at the front by pressing the bonnet of the car which bends a little. Then he moves on to the bumper which sinks in significantly but that could be due to the pedestrian safety norms. The front grille is much more rugged than one would imagine. Moving to the sides, the fenders bend quite instantly when pressed hard, but that is quite normal with any car. The YouTuber mentions that the doors feel a bit strong judging by the sound they make when shut close/open.

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However, the door panels on the lower half are hollow which is visible in the video. The ORVMs on this top trim are quite strong and the roof looks solid too. The YouTuber then moves to the rear section and closes the boot. He mentions that the thud is quite reassuring. Overall, he thinks that the Maruti has improved the build quality in terms of this experiment and the difference can be felt.

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new maruti alto k10 build quality test
Vlogger tests build quality of new Maruti Alto K10 by banging and knocking sheetmetal

On the inside, he presses the door panel, operates the handles and presses the dashboard. While the former two look sturdy, the dashboard does bend in quite a lot indicating cost-cutting. In addition to that, the YouTuber tries to test and move the centre console but the fit and finish is quite impressive even in a budget-friendly car like the Alto. Overall, he is impressed by the build quality of the exterior and interior considering the price point of under Rs 4 lakh, ex-showroom for the base trim.

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