Latest Crash of New Maruti Baleno Hints at a Solid 5-star NCAP Score

  • Maruti has worked on making the latest-gen Baleno stronger than the last-gen model.
  • It has performed well in numerous unfortunate accidents that have been reported.
  • However, a Global NCAP safety test is long overdue.

In this latest crash of the Maruti Baleno, it has given a performance of a car with a 5-star NCAP safety rating. Baleno, in its latest generation, features numerous updates compared to the outgoing model. Maruti has worked on making the car heavier which may have a direct correlation with its build quality. However, we will have to reserve our commentary until the official Global NCAP safety ratings are announced. Until then, let us take a look at how it performed in a real-life incident.

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Baleno Hints at 5-star NCAP Rating

The video clip has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He regularly keeps posting such content on his channel with the aim to raise awareness among Indian car buyers regarding the relevance of buying cars with high safety ratings. In this video, a Baleno is seen in terrible condition after a crash. As per the information in the video, it has been reported from Chaibasa in Jharkhand. The video mentions that 6 people were travelling in the Baleno during the night.

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The driver possibly fell asleep and lost control of the premium hatchback. As a result, the car toppled over 3 times before landing on the side of the road. It looks like the vehicle was at a high speed. The consequence of the impact is evident in this video clip. The front bumper, side door panels, front windshield, bonnet, roof, rear bumper, etc are all significantly damaged. It is quite commendable to see the passengers not getting seriously hurt.

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Part of the reason why it is so is because of the 6 airbags that this top version of the Baleno comes with. In the visuals, the front and the side airbags are seen deployed saving grievous injuries to the occupants. We can only advise our readers to follow traffic rules at all times. Carrying more than 5 people in a Baleno is against the rules and it could impact the performance of the car. Also, overspeeding is the main reason for most accidents in our country. Hence, we must drive within the speed limit. Do share your thoughts about this case.

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new maruti baleno accident ncap rating
Latest Maruti Baleno Crash Hints at a 5-star Safety Rating

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