Nissan Connect 1.2 Launched; Comes With More Than 18 New Features


Nissan Connect 1.2 promises to offer up to 18 new features over the previous version. Nissan owners have to simply download the app on their mobile phones. And contact their dealers for the activation of the connected car service. 

Nissan India has launched the version 2.0 of their connected car technology NissanConnect in India. Called the Nissan Connect 1.2, this new iteration of this tech comes with 18 additional features. According to Nissan, this is a ‘more advanced and intelligent’ version of this technology. This connected car technology is part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Vision. The company says that this service is based on its key pillars of control, convenience, safety & security and social sharing.

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With the addition of the new 18 features, the Nissan Connect now offers up to 50 features in the connected car tech. The company says that these features address the rising concerns regarding the safety & security of car users along with the control & well-being of the vehicle.

This app includes key features such as SoS, Track & Trace, Tow-Away Alert and Vehicle low battery Alert. Furthermore, it comes with Automated Impact Alert including Harsh Acceleration Alert, Sudden Turn Alert and Sudden Brake Alert Curfew Alert. It also gets Geofencing with multiple entry/exit provide robust safety & security solution to the vehicle.

In addition to all that, it also comes with Idling Run Time, Smart Drive Score, Quick Reference Videos and Intelligent Route Guidance. This helps in providing a fuel-efficient driving experience with a close check on the health of the vehicle. In addition, the ‘Way to My Car’ feature is convenient and helps save time on searching for one’s car in the parking lot.

Launched in 2017, NissanConnect is developed specifically for the Indian market by Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India (RNTBCI). It enables the NissanConnect user to be connected to his or her family through the car. This service solves the challenges that Indian car owners face daily, NissanConnect is a factory fitted Connected Car Technology solution with an embedded Telematics Control Unit. It is paired with an inbuilt SIM for every car and operates on a dedicated server for safe & secure data.

NissanConnect customers can also reach out to the Nissan call centre and dealerships to access services like service booking and Roadside Assistance (RSA) at the touch of a button.

Customers can download the advanced NissanConnect App from the app store of their respective mobile platforms across Android and iOS. Then they simply have to contact their nearest Nissan dealer to activate the NissanConnect app on the purchase of their new Nissan car. Customers who do not have NissanConnect setup can upgrade their car through dealer fitment.

Nissan Connect India Features

NissanConnect 1.2 CONVENIENCE

  • Way to my Car
  • Last 15 Minutes Trace
  • Quick Reference Videos

  • Smart Drive Score (Eco + Driving)
  • Intelligent Route Guidance
  • Idling Run Time
  • Drive Time @ Night
  • Vehicle Battery Alert

  • Curfew Alert (Time fencing) with multiple entry/exit
  • Geo-Fencing with multiple entry/exit
  • Tow away Alert & Track
  • Track & Trace (Chauffer)

  • Manual SOS (Panic Button)
  • Automated Impact Alert
  • Harsh Braking Alert
  • Over Acceleration Alert
  • Sharp Turn Alert

  • Nissan Community – Advanced including Group Trips
  • Smart Drive Grand Prix
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