Owner of 2 Ola S1 Pro Scooters Shares Pros & Cons

Despite the recent issues with the Ola S1 Pro, there are people who have purchased 2 electric scooters as well.

This Ola S1 Pro owner is in a perfect position to list out the pros and cons of the EV. The popular vlogger and YouTuber has 2 Ola electric scooters which makes him an ideal candidate to share thorough feedback. Let us check out, in detail, what are the ordeals he is facing along with the strengths of the electric scooter.

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Owner of 2 Ola Scooters Shares Pros & Cons


  • The owner mentions that the stand of the scooter is quite flimsy and one can’t sit on the scooter in the parked position as the stand might break. Also, the grab handles at the rear get loose with usage. There is no option of a footrest for ladies.
  • The second issue revolves around getting the EV to start. Many times, the scooter won’t start despite you pressing the button. He was able to solve this issue by plugging the charger from his other Ola scooter. But not everyone will have this option.
  • In the navigation system, the position of the EV on the maps doesn’t change. There is a constant sign that says ‘searching for GPS’ and it doesn’t go away.

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  • The next issue stems from the charging socket. If there is a power cut even for 1 minute, the charging stops and doesn’t start even after the power is back. It has to be plugged into the socket again. This is a major inconvenience since most people charge their EVs overnight. During the night, if the electricity is gone even for a minute, the charge will not resume until the charger is replugged and you would get an unpleasant surprise in the morning.
  • At times, the expected range is not accurate. If it is parked for a couple of days and the battery is depleted a little, it will still show the full range and then suddenly stop while driving. This makes the range numbers quite unreliable. Ola recommends rebooting the system every 2-3 days which is definitely not the perfect solution.

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ola s1 pro review pros and cons
Ola S1 Pro Pros and Cons


  • The range offered by Ola S1 Pro is easily over 100 km in real-world conditions which is better than most of its competitors.
  • The performance offered by the Ola electric scooter is also among the best in the industry.
  • There are a ton of features, although due to the software issues, they might not always work properly.
  • At least in the cities, the service centres ensure that the issues are resolved in less time. The option of pick up and drop service is also an added benefit.
  • The handling of the bike is quite commendable due to the decent grip offered by the tyres.

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