Priorities – Driver Stops Train at Crossing to Buy Famous Kachoris in Alwar!

It is being said that the crossing gates at Daudpur, Alwar are lowered every day at 8 AM so that the loco driver can buy kachoris from a famous shop

A video that has gone viral has shown a locomotive driver stopping the train at a crossing to collect a packet from a bystander. Basically, the train was stopped by the driver to collect a packet of kachoris. Meanwhile, the commuters kept waiting at the crossing as a man standing close to the tracks handed over the packet of Alwar’s famous khasta kachori to a man who emerged from the train’s engine compartment. Soon after this, the locomotive driver blew the horn of the train and starts moving again.

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It looks like this is a usual scene that takes place almost every morning at the Daudpur crossing of Alwar. There are good chances that it would continue going on if the video of the locomotive driver had not been recorded by a commuter waiting at the crossing and shared online. As per various reports, the crossing gates are lowered every morning at 8 AM so that a man can deliver the snacks to the train driver. It looks like the man in question here is a railway personnel who is posted at the crossing who purchases kachoris from a nearby shop and deliver it to the locomotive driver.

Meanwhile, many commuters who were waiting for the barriers to lift kept waiting for the train driver to collect the snacks. Soon after the video was uploaded online, there was a lot of condemnation from netizens as well as railway officials. An investigation was launched soon after this incident came to the notice of railway officials. Taking action, Narendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager of Jaipur, suspended two locomotive drivers, two gatemen and an instructor.

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train stopped at crossing to buy kachori
Apparently, it’s common for trains to stop at crossings in Daudpur, Alwar to purchase famous kachoris.

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Speaking on the incident, RL Meena condemned the locomotive driver’s action and said,”The loco pilot cannot stop the engine or the train on his own free will. It is wrong to stop like this for kachori.”

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