Tata Harrier Has A Head-On Collision With Maruti Swift – See The Impact

Check out this accident where the Tata Harrier and Maruti Swift had a head-on collision but the latter had far more damage.

Tata Harrier is one of the strongest SUVs in the sub-25 Lakh range, despite not getting a safety crash rating. Here is an example of its strong build quality as it has a head-on crash with a Maruti Swift. Compare the impact and damage that has been received by both the cars over here.

Looks like the Tata Harrier was coming from the wrong direction and the speed has to be at least 50-60 km/hr. In comparison, Swift seems to be approaching at a slightly higher speed. while the damage on Swift is huge, the same impact on Harrier is not seen by a high extent.

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The entire front portion including bonnet, bumpers and side fenders of the Maruti Swift have crumpled. The damage has also impacted the engine bay, which seems to have lost some components. The airbags have been deployed succesfully thus keeping the passengers of the hatch completely safe.

In case of Harrier, the damage is only seen on the bumper which has slightly come out from the side. It has been put out of its bracket and the skid plate has further taken the brunt. The front passenger side headlamps, fog lamp and indicators have been broken. However, the bonnet and side fenders are still intact.

In the case of Maruti Swift, the repairing costs will be huge as the crumple zones have been affected. However, in the case of Harrier only the bumper and lights will have to be replaced, which will not cost that much. One thing established here is that the owner of Harrier was at the large fault, driving on the wrong way.

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