Tata Nexon EV Pikes Peak Concept Is A Hill Race Monster!

This post features the Tata Nexon EV concept for the Pikes Peak race. The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Hillclimb is a race organized in Colorado Springs in the US. It is a very popular race that entails a climb to the summit and has been in its 99th edition this year. The race could not be completed with the regular track due to ice and snow coating on the surface. It was curtailed to a shorter distance but all the participants were able to finish it. We are giving you this little piece of information because an automobile enthusiast has shared some concept designs of the Tata Nexon EV for the Pikes Peak race. Let us take into consideration what these images highlight.

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Tata Nexon EV Concept

This is a well-detailed concept design altering almost the entire appearance of the electric SUV. It is almost unrecognizable to the uninitiated. The overall theme has been kept all-black with signature Blue EV highlights at various parts. The front bumper has been thoroughly revised in favour of a bigger, chunkier and more muscular unit housing the fog lamps, a tri-arrow pattern on the radiator grille, massive front splitters, tied down by some metallic strings. The wheel arches and side cladding are much beefier to accommodate the massive 9-spoke alloy wheels. The side profile also features the roof rails, blacked-out side cladding near the bottom, a Camera in place of the outside rearview mirror to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency and blue highlights inside the rims. The LED headlamp unit has been kept quite sleek and practical.

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The rear end of the Nexon EV is another story altogether. In addition to the tri-arrow taillamps, there is a carbon fibre covering at the rear body panel to reduce weight, a massive rear bumper with chunky diffusers, a vertical slatted skid plate for better aerodynamics, a customized massive rea spoiler mounted at the top of the roof with vertical metal strings to generate downforce. All in all, this is one of those renditions that you could hardly imagine possible on an actual vehicle.

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The Nexon EV has a decent battery pack of 30.20 kWh capacity and a range of 312 km. The power that the EV makes is an impressive 129hp and 245Nm torque. Regular charging from 10% to 90% takes around 8.5 hours, whereas 0-80% with a DC faster charger takes just one hour. The monthly subscription fee is Rs 29,500 for 3 years. The Nexon EV is well within the reach of customers with prices ranging from Rs 13.99 lakh to Rs 16.40 lakh, ex-showroom. 

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Image Source: Karan Adivi on Instagram

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