Build Quality Comparison of Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch by Banging Doors

A YouTuber posts a video where he tests the build quality of the Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch by banging the doors. Now, this is a funny and weird method of establishing the safety credentials of a vehicle. While the official GNCAP testing offers a ton of intensive and detailed activities where a car needs to perform well to receive a decent safety rating, people on the internet are occupied with such comic ways to judge how strong a car is.

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Testing Build Quality of Baleno & Punch By Banging Doors

The video clip has been posted in the form of YouTube Shorts because the audience found a similar video quite entertaining. The YouTuber approaches the Baleno first and starts by opening and shutting the boot of the premium hatchback. Just by the sound of it, he adjudged it to be a bit flimsy. A similar experiment is run on the front and rear doors. Apparently, the thud sounds of closing the doors is enough to rate the car as stable and strong.

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Thereafter, he approaches the Tata Punch parker nearby. He repeats the experiment by opening and shutting the doors of the sub-compact SUV and passes on the verdict that the Punch sounds much better and strong compared to the Baleno. He adds that the Punch is a 5-star safety-rated product which is what the thud sounds also confirm. This might be pretty entertaining but should not be taken as an official or even a reliable source of judging the build quality and strength of an automobile.

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Maruti baleno vs tata punch build quality check
Testing Build Quality of Maruti Baleno & Tata Punch by Banging Doors

While the Punch has been tested by the GNCAP and received a full 5-star safety rating, the Baleno is yet to be put through the test. However, this new Baleno has witnessed a few modifications to the components which have resulted in an increased weight of around 70 kg. Maruti is confident that it will lead to a respectable GNCAP score once the agency decides to crash-test the premium hatchback. With the number of Balenos selling every month, we hope that it proves its improved safety.

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