Yamaha R15M vs Honda CBR250 Drag Race Has Shocking Result

This drag race between the Yamaha R15M and Honda CBR250 brings out some shocking results. Now, the Honda is clearly the favourite on paper but Yamaha is well-known for punching way above its weight. That is what makes this particular competition so exciting. Let us check out who comes out on top in this seemingly obvious race.

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Honda CBR250 vs Yamaha R15M Drag Race

The YouTuber mentions that the CBR is been driven for over 1 lakh km. He takes the CBR for this race, while his friend mounts atop the R15. On the count of three, both the bikers launch their respective bikes to the best of their abilities. However, the CBR took the lead from the very beginning and never looked back. In the process, it reached around 147 km/h top speed and didn’t let the R15 even touch it for a second. The latter got to around 143 km/h of top speed.

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For the second phase, the YouTuber decided to perform a rolling acceleration test. For this, they agree to start the test at 60 km/h with the CBR250 in 3rd gear and R15M in 4th gear. The result was a foregone conclusion. The CBR thrashed the R15. Then, they decided to repeat this race at 100 km/h and the result remained the same. Hence, the Honda CBR250 was the undisputed winner of this drag race.

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Honda CBR250 vs Yamaha R15M Drag Race
Honda CBR250 vs Yamaha R15M Drag Race

We would like to urge our readers not to perform such races on your own. These YouTubers take a lot of precautions behind the scenes and they have a team of people around to make sure that the safety is not compromised. But you should not try it on your own since it could prove to be dangerous for you or your bike.

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