YouTuber Drives His Hyundai on Water instead of Petrol – See It to Believe It! – VIDEO

You must’ve heard that cars can’t be driven using just water but this YouTuber has proven everyone wrong.

In a shocking video, a YouTuber drives a Hyundai Santro using water and some stones. Yes, you heard that right! Crazy XYZ is one of India’s biggest YouTubers with over 24 million subscribers. He keeps conducting unique scientific experiments mostly on cars and bikes to produce some informative content in the garb of entertaining videos. But this time around, he has managed to do something truly remarkable. Here are the details of this latest experiment.

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YouTuber Drives Hyundai Santro on Water

At the beginning of the video, the YouTuber disconnects all the wires and cables responsible for transporting fuel from the tank to the engine. He shows the car not being able to ignite due to no fuel supply. Furthermore, he squeezes out the entire fuel from the tank using a motor. In this way, the viewers are able to know that there is no way the car can use fuel to start now. Thereafter, the YouTuber brings large water canisters and some syringes.

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He takes some stones (which are actually Calcium Carbide stones) and puts them in a bottle which has a little water in it. The chemical reaction between Calcium Carbide and Water results in the formation of Acetylene gas. Acetylene is flammable and powerful gas. Using the energy of this gas, the YouTuber tries to drive the car. He puts the syringes inside the intake manifold of the engine to supply Acetylene. As the team adds more and more stones inside the water canister, more gas is produced.

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Good Merely for an Experiment

What is mighty impressive is the fact that they are able to not only switch ON the car but also drive it for around 100 m. This is a very raw and impromptu experiment that caused the Santro to be driven around using just this gas. However, if done at a large scale under proper testing conditions, it might not be a feasible source of energy. What are your thoughts on this?

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YouTuber Drives Hyundai Santro on Water
YouTuber Drives Hyundai Santro on Water

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