YouTuber Drives Tesla Upside Down Using 120-inch Wheels

Electric Vehicle (EV) News ยป YouTuber Drives Tesla Upside Down Using 120-inch Wheels

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It is seriously unfathomable what some YouTubers are willing to do for their viewers and where they get the ideas from.

In a bizarre and shocking video, a YouTuber drives a Tesla upside down. Popular YouTubers create unimaginable content for their social media handles for engagement. However, most of their ideas are out-of-the-box which is why it becomes necessary to realise that you must only seek entertainment from such posts and not inspiration. Make sure that you don’t try to imitate such stunts as they could be fatal. These YouTubers generally take a lot of precautions behind the scenes which is why you must not try them at all.

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YouTuber Drives Tesla Upside Down

The video has been created by WhistlinDiesel and uploaded on its YouTube channel. It captures a unique way to test how rugged a Tesla could be. Now, we all know that Tesla is the biggest EV maker in the world. Its cars strike a great balance between performance, affordability and tech features which makes Tesla cars the ones to beat. In this video, the YouTuber goes to extreme lengths to test the build quality of the Tesla.

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He is seen doing crazy stunts in a sarcastic manner. For instance, he drives it over a high kerb hitting the bottom intentionally. Then he drives the EV when the wheels are locked by a jammer creating damage to the road as the car is forced to be driven despite being locked. In the next part of the video, he doesn’t slow down at the speed breakers and continues to drive despite being tossed around due to the bumps. Thereafter, he slammed the doors hard multiple times to check the strength. He also tried the parking mode where the EV would drive itself to the owner.

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However, he crashes it through a gate. Finally, he installs 10-ft (120-inch) wheels on the Tesla so that there is enough space for it to be rotated upside down. Once that is done, he gets in the car and drives it around. Surprisingly, the EV drives and steers over every sort of terrain. He keeps driving it with those wheels for a while before crashing it into a field by tying the steering wheel with tape and accelerating it with no one inside. For this video, the YouTuber destroyed the Tesla completely. Needless to mention, it was all done for entertainment purposes only.

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